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Cute Unisex Baby Clothes

Updated on August 31, 2010

Many parents these days choose to find out the sex of their baby at an ultrasound scan so they can stock up on either pink or blue outfits and paint the nursery in an appropriate color. There are still lots of couples however who would rather have a surprise when their baby is born and there are so many unisex baby clothes available in lots of cute styles, it is really not necessary to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl to dress it in cute and funky outfits.

Unisex baby clothes come in two main color ranges. The more traditional colors of unisex baby clothing are white, yellow, beige and other neutral pastel colors like green. On the other hand, if funky baby clothes are more your thing there are lots of cute unisex clothes available with stripes and polka dots and other fun designs that look great on either a baby boy or a girl.

tokidoki onesies photo by geishabot on flickr
tokidoki onesies photo by geishabot on flickr

Why Buy Unisex Baby Clothes?

Most people will buy unisex newborn baby clothes, as after their baby is born they will want to choose more gender specific outfits. However there is a big advantage to buying unisex clothes for older babies too. This means that when you have another child, you can reuse the clothes, even if the baby is a different sex. It makes sense for parents to buy at least some unisex outfits even if they are just plain white body suits, if they intend on having more children.

In terms of outfits, most babies wear exactly the same thing whether they are boys or girls. Sleep suits and body suits are suitable for both sexes and come in lots of cute unisex designs. You can save the dresses and three piece outfits for older babies when they will also not outgrow them so quickly.

Where to Find Cheap Unisex Baby Clothes

Cheap unisex baby clothes are often available from supermarkets or as money saving multipacks from baby clothing stores. You can easily buy a set containing everything you need for at least the first few days of your baby’s life and this is a great way to save money for the fancier outfits later on. Remember for the first few weeks your baby will mainly be sleeping and you probably won’t want to go out much so there’s no need to dress them up too much.

Also look out for a unisex baby clothes sale in shops near you and on online baby stores. Stock is frequently reduced at the end of seasons to make room for new ranges so you can often get some great bargains if you plan ahead. You can also of course shop for second hand clothes on sites like eBay where you are sure to find lots of unisex baby clothes for sale. To get a heads up for upcoming baby clothes, try subscribing to a baby blog or two.

Some of the funkiest styles of baby clothes are in unisex designs, so why stick to the traditional pastel pink and blue? Babies look great in bright colors and these are also more stimulating for them so choose unisex baby clothing in lime green, bright red and trendy orange which will really get your baby noticed in a crowd!


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