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Fashionable Women on a Budget: Classy Rocker Style

Updated on January 28, 2017

Classy Rocker

So what exactly is a classy rocker chick anyway? Well, she is a woman with a rocking I don't care kind of attitude, who loves pairing soft with edgy to make a stylish fashionable statement. For example, say she wore some stonewashed skinny jeans, to give it more of a classy look she would add the elegance of a soft ruffled blouse to soften the look up a bit. This kind of fresh funky attire is all about balance and letting your personality shine in your style.


Edgy Bottoms

The first thing you will need to get this look is the right bottoms whether they are pants, shorts or a skirt doesn't matter just make sure it has some edginess to it. If you don't like the idea of buying clothes that are ripped or distressed you can always take your old pair of jeans, shorts or skirt and rip or fade them yourself. A couple of ways you could get the ripped look would be to take a pumice stone or sandpaper and rub it wherever you want the rip, you can even add a couple of safety pins to the tear once you're done. Or you could just take scissors and cut them like that. To distress your jeans is pretty easy to wash them like five times in hot water and viola. I prefer buying them cheap and already done, you can get some rather good deals at some wholesale store and online.

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The Girly Flare

The second thing you will need for this rocking look would be the top. Anything frilly or lacy would do the trick, you want it to be as girly as possible to help balance out the bottom half. I usually like wearing shirts with flowers and pale colors for this look such as light pinks and purples, like this cute ruffled shirt I found on Amazon.

Killer Heels

You will definitely need heels for this look the funkier the better. Every girl needs a good pair of heels they may not always be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, but your calves look killer in them. I actually like going to thrift shops to get my shoes you can get the cutest shoes for the cheapest price.


Bright Lights

The hair and makeup you should wear with this look is pretty dramatic think red lipstick, black eyeliner, smoky gray eye shadow and colorful mascara for hair and eyelashes. Styling your hair for this look is so fun you can go crazy you can spike it, curl it, scrunch it just about anything funky and wild you can imagine will go with this look.

Last thing you will need to finish this look is what makes it uniquely yours. You add the apparel and style that scream who you are, whether it be outlandish huge earrings, a super cool purse or a gorgeous vest is up to you. You can be original and still be fashionable and save money all at the same time.


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