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DIY-Healthy & Shiny Hair, Oily Skin Treatment & Dark Circles Treatment

Updated on October 11, 2015

Introducing DIY's

Hi Sunshine's,

I already started to develop some quick tips and remedies for skin and hair related concerns on my website. Make sure you check that out! My articles will also reflect some DIY's that I have tried in the past and work for me currently.

DIY's have been super popular on the net mainly because there is so much awareness of natural ingredients. They are easy to find and are super cost effective. You will probably use these as an everyday ingredient somewhere in the house. Here is a list of benefits of using natural home remedies for healthy & shiny hair, oily skin and treating dark circles! Happy Reading!


Topic #1 - Healthy & Shiny Hair

If you are experiencing a high volume of hair fall and/or dandruff or even oily hair then you should treat it right away, to avoid further future damage. Taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy is as important as taking care of your skin! It can get really frustrating to see regular hair loss over time. Yes, there are some reasons for the damage cause to your hair. If you are a learner then please read some of the articles below to find out what may be causing these hair damages.

DIY for Healthy & Shiny Hair Remedy

Yogart, Henna, Coconut Oil/Castor Oil
Yogart, Henna, Coconut Oil/Castor Oil | Source

Now that you have read the possible causes of hair loss, let's try to treat it and prevent it from possible future damage! Here are some methods to treat hair for healthy and shiny hair from the convenience of your home.

Method #1:

  • 4 Tbls Yogurt
  • 1 Tsp Henna Powder
  • 1 Tsp coconut Oil or Olive Oil

Mix all the above ingredients together and apply on dry hair. Leave it on for 20 mins and then wash. You can then proceed with your regular shower routine. Your should repeat this 2-3/week for better results. (NOTE: Henna is usually used to dye hair. In this remedy, the amount is used in very little quantity, so it won't affect the color of your hair).

Method #2:

  • 1 Tsp Henna Powder
  • 1 Tbs Mustard Oil
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 1/2 Lemon Juice

Mix all the above ingredients together and apply on dry hair. Cover the head with a shopping bag and leave it for 3-4 hours. Proceed with the regular shower routine. You may repeat this once a week. This will help eliminate split ends and dryness in your hair.


Topic #2 - Oily Skin Treatment

Today, both men and women face oily skin. Oily skin is a concern for many individuals who don't like the excessive shine on their face. If oily skin is left as is, it can cause acne. If your oily skin on your face bothers you, then try this method to control the shine using DIY remedies.

Method #1:

Rinse your face with lukewarm water and dry with a gentle face cloth. Take 1 egg white and whisk it until you see the "fluff" in it, then apply it all over your face. Avoid the eye area and lips. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes then wash it off. Make sure you use lukewarm water to rinse your face! Repeat this method twice a week for great results. This will help tighten the skin, even the skin tone and control the shine, and help reduce the blemishes.

Method #2:

  • 1 Egg White
  • 1/2 Fresh lemon squeezed to obtain the juice

Mix both ingredients until blended well. Wash the face with lukewarm water and dry. Apply the mask with a brush all over the face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with water. This will help control the oil shine on the face. Start this routine twice a week. If skin feels irritated or dry then reduce the method to once a week.

Oily, Dry and Acne Skin DIY Mask


Topic #3 - Dark Circles Treatment

Some individuals like to hide their dark circles without treating them, which is not a great idea. Makeup can only hide them and if not treated properly they can even get darker only than harder to treat them with natural remedies. There can be numerous causes of dark circles including, lack of sleep, poor diet habit, allergies, etc. If you would like to read a more detailed on the causes of dark circles then please refer to some articles on the right side.

Method #1

You will need I Tbls tomato juice, 1/2 Tsp lemon juice, to taste a measure of turmeric powder, to taste an amount of gram flour (Besan). Mix all these together to make a paste. Make sure you don't add water to thin the material as that will reduce the effect of the remedy. Leave it on for 10 minutes around the eyes (under the eyes) and rinse with lukewarm water. This will help lighten the dark circles under the eyes. This method may be repeated twice a week for great results.

Method #2

Another quick method is to apply almond oil around the eyes. Using a cotton ball, apply the oil overnight and rinse the eyes in the morning. You may do this every day or every other day. This will help reduce the dark circles overtime once used regularly.

Your Vote Matters!

What DIY remedies have you tried before?

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Thank You for Reading!

This concludes this hub! I hope you enjoyed reading about these quick DIY remedies for hair and skin! I have been using these remedies since high school and they work wonders. If you found them helpful or want to add to these remedies, please feel free to comment below!

I hope you guys have a great week! I'll talk to you all in my next hub! Be safe!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional and so I am not able to identify any side effects you may have if you are allergic to any of the products listed. Please be advised that all products/procedures are based on my personal experience and of those learnt from a professional environment. Should you have any skin problems or other health issues, then please speak to your skin specialist or doctor. Thank You! :)


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