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Easy Way To DIY Tassels and Tassel Jewelry for Summer: DIY Project

Updated on May 16, 2017
Tassel Jewelry
Tassel Jewelry

I have been seeing tassel jewelry in all brands such as Accessorize, Claires, etc. and I also know they can be kind of expensive. So I am going to be teaching you how you can DIY your own tassels and make your own jewelry at home.

These can be added to other accessories as well, such as bags, scarves etc. The imagination is not limited. So let’s get started.

How to Make Tassels

Things You'll need to Make the Tassels:

  1. Thread (you can choose any thread that you would like)
  2. A fork (optional)
  3. Scissors
  4. Jump ring

Things You'll Need
Things You'll Need

Instructions for making tassel:

Step 1:

Take your fork and thread and start wrapping the thread approximately 30-40 times around the fork. You can also wrap more or less of the thread depending on the thickness of the tassel you want and the thickness of the thread you have. I am using the normal stitching thread that we have at home and around 30 turns, makes a decent tassel. This is shown in pictures 1 – 3 in the collage.

If you don’t have a fork lying around, you can use your fingers to wrap the thread just like we did with the fork. The advantage of using the fork is that size of the tassels is even and also it can be used to make tiny tassels, if needed for earrings or other jewelry items.

Step 2:

The next step is to carefully take out the tassel from the fork. And keep it aside. This is shown in Image 4 in the collage.

If you are using your fingers, follow the same step as you would do with the fork.

Step 3:

Take your jump ring and insert in the tassel (Image 5 & 6 in collage). This is done to attach it to a chain or any other accessory of your choice later. A jump ring is nothing but a wire bent in a shape of a circle, which is used in jewelry. You can take it off of your old necklaces or jewelry pieces if you don't have them lying around.

Step 4:

The next step is to tie another piece of thread to your tassel horizontally and wrap it around 2-3 times to secure it in place (Image 7 & 8 in collage).

Step 5:

The last step is to cut the tassel horizontally from the bottom to give it a tassel look (Image 10 & 11 in collage). Make sure there are no double threads left and that you cut them all properly. Your tassel is now ready. You can use different colors and different threads to make your tassels.

Optional: You can also wrap around a jump ring on the tassel to give it a more professional finish.

For the bracelet I have made tassels of two colors (dark blue and light blue), you can even make all tassels of different colors for multi-color jewelry.

Steps to make the Tassel
Steps to make the Tassel

How to Make a Bracelet

Things you'll need:

  1. Tassels
  2. A chain
  3. Lobster Clasp
  4. Jump Rings
  5. Pliers (optional)
  6. Scissors

Things You'll need to Make the Bracelet
Things You'll need to Make the Bracelet

Instructions for Making the Bracelet

Step 1:

Take your chain and measure it to your wrist’s size. Cut it to your wrist size with a pair of scissors as shown in the image.

Step 2:

Take your tassels and chain and start attaching the tassels to your chain in the desired position. You can use pliers to open and close the jump ring of the tassel. If you don’t have pliers, you need not worry and can use your hands to do the same.

Step 3:

The next step to attach another jump rings at the end of the chain and attach a lobster clasp at one end to fasten it on your wrist. Your bracelet is ready.

Arrangement for the Bracelet
Arrangement for the Bracelet
Final Bracelet
Final Bracelet

You can use different things and techniques to make your own jewelry. Another example is that of earrings.

Tassel Earrings
Tassel Earrings


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