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DIY Nail Art Designs: Ylin Color-Changing Nail Polish Review

Updated on May 13, 2012

I received a bottle of Ylin Mood nail polish recently and thought it would be good to write a quick review on the product. I’m fairly impressed because the polish really does change color, depending on the temperature. This is going to be a fun addition to my DIY nail art designs product collection!

Here are the main things I noticed about the polish:

· The color change can be fairly dramatic, because the one I have goes from a bright pink to a darkish purple in minutes.

· The polish itself is rather thin, so you have to apply quite a few coats to get opaque coverage.

· The brush is lovely, it’s broad enough and long enough to apply the polish quite easily.

· The packaging is sturdy and looks great as well.

· I’ve gotten about three days wear out of it before it started to chip, which is average.

· The polish itself is matte, so I applied a top coat to add shine.

· It has to be absolutely dry, as in 100%, before you get your hands wet, otherwise it comes off.

My opinion on the company and their service:

· Customer service is superb and the support staff is incredibly helpful and friendly.

· The items are shipped in really good packaging, and are wrapped up very well.

· The free shipping worldwide is an added incentive to shop there, because that in itself can be worth quite a few dollars.

· There’s an amazing selection of nail art design supplies along with other hair and beauty related items, and you could get almost anything you need there at very reasonable prices.


My verdict:

The few downsides are that the polish is on the thin side, and that it seems to start chipping at around day 3. I’m also not a huge fan of matte polishes, but that’s easily fixed with a top coat.

I like the polish overall, and I love the fact that it changes color so easily. My nails look different throughout the day when I wear this. I would buy this polish because there are so many different colors that I would love to get. I think if you use this as part of DIY nail art designs, it could really add an extra dimension to your work, so I’m definitely going to try doing that at some point!

Ylin Mood Polish gets a thumbs up from me. If you’d like to get a bottle head on over to Born Pretty Store, and use this coupon: ATELLW21, (valid until 30th Dec 2012) and you’ll get 5% off on your entire purchase. Enjoy!


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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile imageAUTHOR

      Atell Rohlandt 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      Hi Prissymissy321. I understand what you're saying. I wore mine for 4 days or so before I started noticing cracks and chips. That said, I don't do a lot of manual work or work with strong detergents etc so it may have lasted better for me for that reason. It's not a product I use too often, only when I'm going out for the night, and then it doesn't really matter how long it lasts. It's a fun product but definitely not the best if you're looking for a longlasting polish.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I hated the product. :-( Wore it for 3 days before it chipped, cracked, and started to fall off. The basecoat I used was OPI so I doubt that was the problem. The color change is cool, but this is a gimmick at best. Nice review, just a bad product.

    • Emeraldgreen21 profile imageAUTHOR

      Atell Rohlandt 

      6 years ago from South Africa

      Hi MissKrisCayllie. I agree. This was my first time trying the polish as well. :-) The way it changes color is unbelievable. I'm definitely going to invest in a few more of the colors.

    • MissKrisCayllie profile image


      6 years ago from Jersey Shore

      This looks so cool! I want to try this!


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