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Do it like SALVADOR DALI if you want to make the difference!

Updated on February 11, 2013

Salvador Dali

If you want to be inspirational, you have to get inspired first.

Salvador Dali beside of being one of the greatest artists of 21st century, he was also known for his intense personality. Even if you don’t know much of his art, you most surely can recognize him from his famous mustache or the melting clocks and the ants he used to paint .Do you know why you can do that?

Because he wanted you to.

Unlike any other artist before him, he was exposing himself and loved publicity. He knew that his personality in order to be noticeable and succeed, must achieve perfection.When he managed that he was considering his life like a complete painting. That is why even today we can connect his name with a lot of things that are usual in our daily life (like lobsters, eggs, telephones and shoes) butat the same time, if we know his work of art, we can get inspired by them, because he was the one who gave them a different value and usefuleness in a whole new level.

What I am trying to say is that monsieur Dali had a huge ambition for being a professional perfectionist. And he made it. He became the hot gossip of each day, the person whom the press loved, the person whom the collectors in every corner in earth were struggling to close a deal with him, the one who was even selling his own signature!

If you want to leave your own trademark and be memorable for your personality, all you have to do is follow the next steps:

Impress yourself everyday: As Salvador Dali used to say:‘Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali’. In order to be creative and inspire people, you have to impress yourself, to get out of the lines, to do something you never believed you would do. Say what you think to people you have just met, make a compliment to a random person in the street, take the bus and go to an unknown place. Before bedtime remember the most absurd moment that surprised you in the daytime and promise to yourself that the next day will be more intense than that one, with multiple moments and full emotions. Remember that ordinary days are doomed to be forgotten. You can change that!

Have a trademark: As the maestro had his legendary mustache as a trademark and could be recognized everywhere because of it’s uniqueness, you can do the same. Choose something that inspires you, like a color, a hat, a tattoo, the way you wear your clothes and be easily recognized, even from far away. If you make the difference on the outside and be memorable, the people will like to learn more things about you.

You must have one great passion: In order to succeed in your life you have to be full of passion, even get obsessed with something that means the world to you. Don’t be afraid to express your awe, your admire and love for something or someone that really gives meaning to your life and inspires you. Salvador Dali’s passion was Gala, his muse who accompanied him until the end. He was always expressing his feelings for her, and get inspired. We can see that in many of his paintings, where the figure of Gala prevails on the canvas.

Whatever you do, remember:' Those who not want to imitate anything, produce nothing!'


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