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Updated on April 9, 2014
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It's universally acknowledged that forever-oily and pimple-ridden skin are the basic premises of any teen skin horror.

It's universally acknowledged that forever-oily and pimple-ridden skin are the basic premises of any teen skin horror. With such concerns, dry skin may not be on your radar yet. So read up on these causes of dry skin and be on the lookout for dryness

The air - con factor

  • While air - con affords us the pricey illusion that we are slightly above the equator than we are really are. staying for long periods in air-conditioned places causes drying to the skin. Most air-conditioned units lessen humidity present in indoor air, preventing skin from locking-in the moisture it normally gets from the atmosphere.

Mr. Sunshine

  • Lessening air-con exposure doesn't really mean you should bask in the sun either. The sun's heat can dry the skin especially during very hot and summer months.Direct exposure to sunlight is also one of the main causes of premature wrinkles.

Pollution drama

  • It's difficult to evade air pollution especially when living in a highly urbanized areas. Toxins in polluted air cause skin aging ad dryness. These harsh, chemicals reduce the oxygen supply in skin cells, stunting healthy cell regeneration. Microscopic dust and dirt in polluted air also clogs pores, which makes it difficult for the skin to breathe.

Of heaters and hot showers!

  • Hot-showers and hour-long bubble baths are min-luxuries that every gal of once in a while. As relaxing and rewarding as these may be, long exposure to steam causes the pores to open and the skin's moisture supply to evaporate. The friction of intensive post-towel-drying also contributes to skin dryness.

Squeaky Clean Hazards

  • One of the most haphazard skincare myths involves harsh cleaning habits. The skin may feel fresh and thoroughly clean after a session of devoted soaping and rubbing, but a lesser-known side effect is that the skin loses the oil and water molecules it needs to remain hydrated. Soap with strong fragrance and antibacterial properties are usually made with harsh formulations that require extra-moisturizing after use.

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