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Dagger, Knife Through Skin Tattoos

Updated on July 31, 2015

There are literally thousands of knife or dagger tattoos for someone to choose from. In today's tattoo market, what used to be a simple tattoo design has turned into extremely elaborate works of art. Three dimentional tattoos have taken tattoos to a whole new level of uniqueness and beauty !

Before getting your tattoo, you may want to look at some different options available to you. Talk to your tattoo artist before getting your tattoo done. Ask if they can make it 3D and how it would look. A tattoo design that has the knife or dagger going through the skin or into the skin would be a really good tattoo to do this with.

Another idea is to have the knife going into a skull, heart, or to add symbols on the handle that are of significance.

Cool Dagger Through Skin Tattoo

Knife Through Skin Tattoo

Unique Knife Tattoo

Knife Through Heart Tattoo


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