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Dangerous Cosmetics - Are You poisoning yourself?

Updated on June 18, 2015

How can cosmetic be dangerous?

Let’s think about that for a minute. Just think of the different medication patches that are prescribed to us today.

There’s the nicotine patch. There are narcotic and birth control patches. How do you think those work? Yes, the absorb into our bloodstream through the skin. Some of these chemicals may be too large and are unable to enter our bloodstream. However, the smaller ones are small enough to penetrate the skin.

The skin does not have protection. If you eat toxic food there are several organs who will filter some of the toxins out. But what you smear on your skin, the largest organ, goes directly and unfiltered into your organism. (You probably feel an article on shower filters and water purifier coming your way, don´t you.)

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Hidden dangers in cosmetic products
Hidden dangers in cosmetic products | Source

What now?

Now we are aware that some chemicals in your cosmetics do enter the bloodstream if they are applied topically. You must do your best to try and avoid every known harmful chemical that can obtain entrance into your bloodstream.

That seems like a very daunting task to examine every ingredient that we use in our daily makeup routine. The best way to do this is to start with some of the products you use that may have the most harmful impact. Then, let’s think about how much exposure you get from that product. Obviously, different products will give you a different level of the exposure you are getting.

As an example, if you use lotion on your body and it penetrates your skin all day long you are then obtaining much more exposure to the chemicals than if you used the exact same thing to clean your face, as that would not be on the skin very long and then washed off.

Healthy Cosmetic and Make Up

If we worried about all chemicals we were exposed to everyday, we would be paralyzed by fear. But, you can take steps to minimize this exposure and a great first step is using all natural, organic products on your skin.

Well, there is good new! There are several natural and organic makeup companies that offer Ayurvedic choices for your cosmetics needs. I’d like to talk about two of them today.


This is a company founded by Katharina von Nagy in 1988 as a mail order and wholesale supplier of Ayurvedic products. They are committed to using all natural raw material in the production of their cosmetics.

One great product they have is their Eyeliner. All products are made with bee wax, demeter butter-fat, and herbs that are grown 100% biologically.These products are not only safe to use but also protect your eyes by binding dirt particles.

Himalaya Herbals Kajal

This company is one of the best Indian cosmetic brands that is out there today. They have an eyeliner product that is phenomenal.

Their cosmetics are made from all natural ingredients that include damask rose, and almond oil, camphor castor oil. This won’t irritate the eye area. It does have an oily consistency, but it is easily removed.

I hope this gives you some food for thought into what is actually in your cosmetics and helps you take a closer look at the ingredients that they contain. If we start eliminating these harmful chemicals from our skincare and makeup routine, we can eliminate the absorption of these chemicals through our skin and into our bloodstream.

There are natural, pure alternatives out there and you should actively seek out these alternatives and replace your cosmetics that contain these chemicals that could possibly harm your health.

Even though not all "organic" personal care and cosmetic items are as good as they claim they are definitely the better choice.


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