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Dariya Palty Bubble Hair Dye Directions and Review

Updated on January 23, 2013
The current colors in the Dariya Palty Bubble Hair color line.
The current colors in the Dariya Palty Bubble Hair color line.
An official advertisement image.
An official advertisement image.

I have been coloring my hair since I was 12 years old. Yes - my mother allowed me to go platinum blonde before I was even a teenager. In recent years, I discovered that platinum blonde is not a shade that just anyone should strut around in, even if Hollywood would make is think otherwise. Instead, I have opted to using color that flatters me - natural looking auburn and when I am feeling adventurous, I go for darker reds.

I like to expirement with hair color and I usually don't use the same brand or shade over two or three times in a row. That is why when I discovered Dairya Palty Bubbles I couldn't resist picking up a couple boxes. The cute Japanese models and adorable color names was enough for me. I purchased two boxes of the Raspberry Jam color - an auburn, of course - on eBay.

An official image showing the package contents and basic directions for use.
An official image showing the package contents and basic directions for use.

Contests and Packaging

The contests of this package is pretty unique for a hair color. It comes with a mixing cup, a mixing spatula, a bottle of developer, gloves and the color. You also get a small packet of hair treatment, meant for people with dry and damaged hair, though it is good to use immediately after you color to help nourish your hair.

I was actually pretty impressed by the quality of the gloves. They are nice, thick latex gloves. In American hair color, I always get those thin, flimsy gloves, so this was a nice change. The only difference was they are rather small, so they probably wouldn't work for everyone. Thankfully, I have small hands so they fit perfectly.

How to Use

To use this product:

  1. Pour the developer into the cup.

  2. Pour the color tube into the cup.

  3. Use the small end of the spatula to mix the contents (back & forth motion.)

  4. Use the large end of the spatula to foam up the mixture. Stir in a circular motion. Keep stirring until the foam gets to the top of the cup. After, you should stop because if you keep stirring longer, you will lose some foam (this happened to me).
  5. Apply the foam to your hair, working from the roots to the tips. Rub in well to make sure your hair is fully saturated.
  6. Wait 30 minutes for the color to absorb.
  7. Rinse with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

Palty Bubbles Official Commercial


  1. If you have sensitive skin, the manual suggests you leave the product on your hair for 15 minutes.
  2. People on message boards claim you can get a more dramatic color by leaving it on your hair for 40 minutes to an hour. Be warned that if you have sensitive skin, this could cause problems. Do so at your own risk!
  3. This product was developed for Asian hair, so it might not work the same if you are a person of a different race. Even so, I found the color results of the Raspberry Jam to be beautiful and I am a Caucasian female. You really don't know until you try.
  4. The lightest colors in the line contain bleach, as they are intended for use on black hair.

Official Palty Bubble promotional image.
Official Palty Bubble promotional image.

Where to Buy

You can buy this product either on eBay or through Amazon. Avoid buying the product from a seller based in China because usually they sell counterfeit products. Instead, buy it from a US based seller, such as HimeCastle, or a Japanese seller.

Photos of my Box of Palty Bubble Hair Color - Raspberry Jam

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Box contents.Box contents.Do not eat! :D
Box contents.
Box contents.
Box contents.
Box contents.
Do not eat! :D
Do not eat! :D
4 stars for Palty Bubbles Hair Color

My Results

My results were good! It wasn't as vibrant as the box, but I got a pretty shade of medium red. This is a hair dye I would definitely purchase again. I left the dye on my hair for 30 minutes, a little longer than the box suggests.


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