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Dark Designer Lingerie | La Perla Black Label

Updated on October 13, 2009

International Italian based brand and lingerie of the stars, La Perla lingerie is that lingerie you buy when you've bought all the other lingerie and you're sick of Kanye West's panties being more fly than your own. (I don't know if Kanye actually wears panties, if he did, it is pretty certain that they would be La Perla panties.)

Unfortunately, because they're very high end, most La Perla lingerie is modeled by women who look as if they're missed so many meals and sniffed so many illicit substances they may very well just viciously attack you and consume your still beating spleen if given half a chance. Don't let that put you off. You will look much better in this lingerie than the model staring vehemently at you from the right hand side of this page does.

The La Perla Black Label line is a mish mash of 1920's inspired design, Chantilly lace (Chantilly lace is so in right now, virtually everybody who is anybody is using Chantilly lace in their designs. And by 'everybody who is anybody', I actually mean 'high end lingerie manufacturers who make a lot of money by selling lacy things but aren't actually better human beings than anyone else for doing it,) Satin, Couture, and Crystals.

There's a great deal of mesh to be found in this lingerie line, no doubt supporting the see through scandal that it seeks to provoke. The geometric designs of the 1920's have made their way into a great many of the pieces, and La Perla claim the era Great Gatsby and prohibition parties as inspiration for Black Label's design.

It's an interestingly mournful collection, not so much overtly sexy, or even lightly playful as it is carefully considered, delicately engineered, and one gets the impression, tightly controlled. Still, lingerie as fine as this would have to feel good against the skin, and plenty of satin ensures that there is scope for the caressing of the finest fabric against sensitive areas.

I meant what I said before about you looking better in this lingerie than the models do, I don't care who you are. The models chosen for this campaign lack the curves and bulk which would soften this lingerie and make it appear more feminine.

If you're looking for dramatic lingerie that truly oozes class and a dark appeal, you can't go past La Perla Black Label. I can't promise that it won't slowly leech the very soul from your body, but I can promise that it will look absolutely amazing whilst it does it.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Ahhh, LaPerla Black. It just reeks of sexiness.

      And that runway shot can only be described as "Enticing."

      Thanks again, Hope.

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This is the first time I've heard of La Perla Black Label. Although I'm currently single, I'm sure that if I was dating, I probably wouldn't be able to afford this for my significant other! But as the case goes, if you are a guy and buy lingerie for your girl, the gift is really for you! Thanks for this.


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