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Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Updated on May 18, 2014

Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt scrub

This is the most magnificent exfoliating Body Scrub I have ever came across. Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt Skin Refining Scrub also known as " Salt Souffle". It does not leave your skin Greasy, oily or dry.

It contains Dead Sea Salt, Oxygen and Vitamin-C. As you can tell these are all natural Ingredients. The Scent is like a Delicious Fruit Sorbet. It is layered with 4 different Scent's. Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and lime. When they mix together it smells like fruit sorbet.

Once you have tried Rainbow Souffle it will be your favorite body scrub too. Trust me!

It really helps your skin. It does will not mask and cover it up. I recommend this scrub very highly if you want to fix your skin's problems.

You'll be glad you tried Rainbow Souffle

I promise you, once you try Rainbow Souffle Dead Sea Salt Scrub you will not regret it. This scrub will not clog your pores or leave your skin oily feeling. It's refreshing scent and the way it leaves your skin smooth and clean is just fantastic.

When I demonstrate it on the hands of my customers it ends up being a must have right then and there. Because it works " INSTANTLY ".

I always keep plenty on hand. I use it, my husband uses it, my children and grandchildren use it.

Especially one of my grand daughters she had eczema real bad (she's 7 years old) my daughter took her to the doctor and she received medication but it did not work. I told her to use the Rainbow souffle on her, which she did. By the second day the eczema was gone.

She has been using it faithfully ever since with no out breaks and i keep her stocked with her very own 8oz. tube.

As for me I love Rainbow Souffle because now I don't have Rosacea flare ups anymore.

Is it good for Problem Skin?

The answer is YES.

If you have psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea, hard and dry heals on the feet, scaley elbows, rough dry hands and any other skin problems this can help you. Since one of it's ingredients is " Dead Sea Salt " which of course that you already know is the wonder salt that treats and heals the skin. Rainbow Souffle does not leave any sort of residue of any kind on your skin. Some body scrubs leave an oily residue behind telling you this is to moisten skin. Rainbow Souffle will not do that.

Problem Elbows? Rainbow Souffle can Help!

How to use Rainbow Souffle

While in the Bath or Shower wet your skin, squeeze about a quarter size of Rainbow Souffle into your hand and gently rub all over your body letting the Dead Sea Salt granules do it's job by exfoliating the dead skin and cleaning your skins pores. With warm water the Salt will melt and a light foam will evolve. Rinse your skin and feel the emediate result of the smoothness of your skin.

If you have dry feet this will do wonders for them.

Other Sea Salt Scrubs

I've tried other body scrubs that contained Dead Sea Salt and they were pretty good. I'm not trying to knock them down. But my favorite is Rainbow Souffle. I like it because it is doesn't leave your skin oily like a few I've used in the past. Oh sure, they smell sweet and aromatic but they just didn't do anything for my skin.they tend to leave an oily residue on the skin which is supposed to be for moistness. All it really does is sit on top of the skin making it slippery and gunky feeling.Rainbow Souffle does not so this. The salt granules slough the old problem skin, then finds the problem areas and starts working to heal it.

The Hemp Seed Oil starts to work by healing and nourishing the skin. The vitamin C starts protecting the skin, the Oxygen it generates is for the healing process also. This body scrub will not strip your skin's natural oils.

I've presented Rainbow Souffle to my friends and family made them try it right there and then. They also were very happy with the instant and lasting results.

If you decide to try just one tube, then you will understand exactly what I am talking about. You will want your loved ones to own a tube themselves. I feel I just have to tell every one about it. I don't want any one to miss out on this great product.

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