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Delsey Luggage

Updated on May 13, 2011

Delsey Luggage

Are you looking to buy Delsey luggage or find information about the company products? Delsey is a high end brand that caters to the travel needs of people through out the world. Delsey has a strong emphasis on insuring that that security of the products that are made by the business are top notch so that consumers won’t have to worry about others breaking into their suitcases and travel bags. In fact, the company uses the slogan, “Keep unwanted hands out of your bag,” in product advertisements. Founded in the 1940s, Delsey is the most famous in Paris for the light weight luggage sets that the company makes. People in Paris and other cities or countries love the attractive designs and security that is backed by this famous luggage maker.

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Delsey Luggage Warranty Information

Delsey has a strong warranty for all suitcases and carry on bags. According to Delsey, the company offers a five year warranty for ALL products that are made by the business. If a consumer purchases a “safe line” product then they are backed for ten years.

Unfortunately, doesn’t sell products via online; however, the site is set up for product registration and warranty issues for consumers. After you purchase your luggage set, suitcase or carry on bag, be sure to register your product at the company’s website for warranty purposes. If you have issues later on within the warranty period, simply visit the site and fill out the short form or e-mail the company to aid you – if need be. Products are made of strong materials; however, to give customers a piece of mind and insure product satisfaction, strong warranties are in place.

Security Locks Use by Delsey for Luggage, Suitcase Sets and Travel Carry-On Bags

Delsey uses three types of security locks for all products. TSA, combination, and key locks are what are used during the manufacturing process. TSA locks are designed for use by airport personnel so that bags can be checked very quickly and without harming the actual lock. The Transportation Security Administration favors such locks because personnel are the only ones that have access to a key that opens all Delsey luggage. A combination-key lock is also a choice for those who want additional security to smaller pockets or if a consumer does not want a TSA lock. The Zip Securiti Tech line boasts that products are highly tamper resistant to thieves.

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Delsey Luggage Product Information


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