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Design Ideas For Wrist Tattoo For Guys

Updated on May 3, 2011
Wrist Tattoo For Guys
Wrist Tattoo For Guys

When talking about wrist tattoo for guys, you should not be deterred by the list of options that most websites and studios have. It is true that there are more designs for women, however, there are also great designs that are ideal for both genders.

The wrap-around or bracelet design is very basic for wrist tattoo for guys. You have the option to have a full-wrist or a half-wrist wrap around. Celtic signs, symbols, flames, words, barbed wires, and vines are the best elements that you can use for this design. Some guys prefer wording in the form of quotes, short phrases or sentences in different languages. Sanskrit and other running fonts are great for this type of wrist tattoo for guys since it helps make the appearance of the bracelet/band look perfect.

You'll find that the best designs for wrist tattoo for guys can be as simple as a name, two opposing words, or a single word. Usage of words that inspire or convey a message, names of loved ones, adjectives or descriptions is ideal for this type of tattoo design. The net offers various options such as the words love, family, hope, God, purpose, chance, belief, live, discipline, and life.

There are many opposing/extreme pairs of words that can be used as tattoo designs are these are love and hate, yin and yang, live and die, now and forever, what you see and what you get, and heaven and earth, among others. Make sure that you use the right words if you wish to inspire through your tattoo and you must remember that this design will be there on your skin forever.
A single image/element has only one focal piece which is an ideal design for guys. Basically this design is not intended for a full wrist, but rather, for the inner wrist. Popular designs for the inner wrist tattoo for guys are the signs of the zodiac, rosary, tribal tattoos, cross, Celtic designs and Kanji characters.
Wrist tattoo for guys usually have less design options compared to girl's designs. But the good thing about it is that you can personalize these designs with the help of the tattoo artist. Just take note of the cost, pain and recovery time because the more complicated the design, the more pricey and painful it is.


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