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Raunchy Red Designer Lingerie For Men

Updated on February 18, 2010

Men are some of the most rabid lovers of lingerie in the world, and where do they go when they want the best? Usually, they turn to lingerie designers, people who have dedicated their lives to creating pretty little scraps of clothing that adorn the body in charming ways. Here are a few designers who know how to make red lingerie men will love. (Why red? Well, red is a most excellent color, passionate and intense, and often quite difficult to find in stores that aren't trying to shove the concepts of Valentine's Day or Christmas down one's throat.)

Elegantly Scant
Elegantly Scant

Elegantly Scant

Elegantly Scant is an independent lingerie designer that you probably won't find in your local department story. They create utterly gorgeous lingerie, the kind of lingerie you'd treasure for a life time. The kind of lingerie you'd demand to be buried in. There's a certain element of the dark to their designs, as if they'd been designed not quite in hell, but perhaps by a devious satyr lurking on the banks of the Rhine. If that doesn't sound romantic, I don't know what does.

Agent Provocateur

Infamous for employing Kate Moss as a spokesmodel, Agent Provocateur makes delightful lingerie lines. Get it. Lines. Heh. Anyway. In spite of the fact that the company insists on using cracked out models that make the lingerie look as though it was designed for the dead, they actually make some pretty nice pieces of lingerie.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Most men who love lingerie are well aware of Frederick's of Hollywood. They sell clothing and lingerie with a touch of starlet about it that men find hard to resist. They also sell fairly trashy lingerie, which is distinct from cheap trashy lingerie only in the fact that its actually quite expensive to buy. Frederick's requires an acquired taste and a good eye to avoid the less tasteful pieces they insist on splashing everywhere.

Adorisadora babydoll.
Adorisadora babydoll.


A designer with a name that is difficult to spell, but with satin silk lingerie that will make your skin melt, in a good way. According to Adorisadora (an Italian designer, if you were interested in their country of origin,) their designs can be typified by a philosophy of 'cut and detail', which is like a writer saying that their philosophy of writing is 'words and punctuation'. In spite of the fact that they have an idiot marketing department, their lingerie, like the silk satin babydoll pictured, is utterly gorgeous.


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