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Designer PULLIN Underwear for Men

Updated on March 21, 2016

Beautiful And Colorful Extension

It’s time to upgrade your underwear drawer. Get rid of tightie whities, boring blacks and cringeworthy greys. Instead, opt for underwear that shakes up mundane standards. Forget about what underwear should be and see it for what it can be - a beautiful and colorful extension of your style. Now, PULLIN has created a revolutionary way to spice up your underwear collection.

PULLIN began in the 90s with the vision and determination of one man, Emmanuel Loheac. He realized how youths were very attracted to colors and originality. He noticed that underwear was usually ignored in this quest for style. He created PULLIN and now millions of followers have been able to purchase underwear that is outside of the box. PULLIN creates unique prints for all shapes and sizes.


One of the main types of boxers that PULLIN sells is the Maser snug-fit print boxer, which are available in many different colorful prints. It's as if they took a picture of a breathtaking scene and transferred it seamlessly to your underwear! You could wear the beach print for times when you want to feel the oceans against your skin. You could try the space print on days when you wish you were in a galaxy far away. You could also enjoy a cool mountain breeze when you put on the Trunk Master Rockies set. The imagination and design that is poured into these boxers is magnificent.


The Trunk Elegant is a variant of the master trunk. It is slightly shorter on the leg, the style is more fitted and it has more of a modern look. If you’re in a James’ Bond mood, these boxers will provide you with a classic and chic look.

PULLIN also make briefs for those who prefer a Superman feel. Their shorty briefs are made of organic cotton and in a length that is just below the buttocks. They provide a comfortable alternative to normally too snug briefs.


If you’re looking for boxers with a little more length, the men’s trunk CAMOBLEU - a long and fitted boxer that has flatlock seams and is easily adaptable for sports play - is for you.

PULLIN also offers a wide variety of swim trunks. Don’t buy boring board shorts. The lively prints you’ll find out their boxer selection are also available on their swimsuit collection. Stand out at the beach or the pool in this knockout apparel.

Best Part About The PULLIN

The best part about the PULLIN collection is that it is affordable. You’re not paying hundreds of dollars for this French designer’s line. You’re paying less for high-quality materials from Spain, Italy and Portugal. You’re also getting a French design at a price your wallet will appreciate.

PULLIN not only creates fantastic options for men, they also create great underwear, swimwear and accessories for women and children. It’s definitely time to shake things up in the undergarment department.


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    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 17 months ago from State of Confussion

      The picture caught my attention. Although this is not for me I maybe surprising my son with a pair or two. Thanks for the interesting ideas.