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Detective Jack Silver's Sexy Soirée Ensemble

Updated on October 12, 2009

Faithful readers of hewearspantiesdotcom will be familiar with the inimitable Jack Silver, Private Detective. He has beauty, he has style, he has a snub nose .38 and he knows how to use it.

"Of course, like most of the criminally minded, this panty thief would never admit that she was one. No, she claimed to be nothing but an art dealer on the fashionable north side. It was bollocks of course, in my line of work, you learn to spot people who are hiding things, and the moment I laid eyes on Miss Sarah Boinkwell, I knew she had more than a few skeletons hiding in her pretty little closet."

Jack is on the trail of a terrible criminal - the panty thief Sarah Boinkwell who thinks nothing of inveigling her way into other people's homes and raiding their panty collections. A victim himself, Jack fell prey to Miss Boinkwell on the night of a soirée at his home, and whilst we all want to see this tiresome thief brought to justice, inquiring minds also want to know what delicious outfit he was wearing that evening.

From the private files of the detective himself, I bring you, Jack Silver's Sexy Soirée Ensemble


On the fateful night of the soirée, where the panty thief struck, Jack was dressed up to the nines in a pretty dress not unlike this one from Australian fashion designer miniluxuries. Note the slimming long line of the dress, the saucy scalloped low cut top, and of course, the slit traveling brazenly up the thigh. Set off rather nicely with a gauzy mesh train, this dress has it all, a little bit of class and a little bit of smut, perfect for our favorite detective.  

Of course, Jack would never be seen without hosiery. This sweet garter belt and stocking set from Leg Avenue demonstrates Jack's tastes admirably. (Though those plain panties would simply never do, what are they, cotton? Ugh!) 

No, Jack's taste in panties is much more refined. You may be familiar with Wolford as a purveyor of fine hosiery, but did you know they make panties as well? This oh so charming pair of panties from Wolford might be pricey, but the tulle and microfiber creation caresses in all the right places and looks as good as it feels. Jack was glad he was wearing this pair when the panty thief struck. 

No outfit is complete without the shoes, and as somebody very wise (or alternatively, more shallow than the dregs of a bathtub) once said, 'shoes make the man'. Jack's choice for the evening were a comfortable but oh so stylish pair of Christian Louboitin Piaf patent pumps  


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    • profile image

      Gunnau 9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      It's always comforting to know Jack always dresses well.

      And to think he may have worn pants. UUUUGGHHHHH.