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Updated on August 10, 2010
Dial-A-Do, rickzimmerman 2010
Dial-A-Do, rickzimmerman 2010

Now — just in time for all you follicly-challenged business types — comes the carefully calibrated appearance-enhancing dome-concealing Dial-A-Do!

Tired of having your hairline somewhere slightly north of your dress shirt’s label? Then just click the Dial-A-Do a few ticks, and watch that hairline start climbing up the backside of your skull, reclaiming lost terrain as it goes.

Want an even more impressive look for the ladies? Just rotate the Dial-A-Do’s patented Wheel-O-Hair a few more notches, and you’ll be stylin’ with the young studs in the pack.

Or are you striving for that Justin-Bieber-retro-Monkees-hair-in-your-eyes look? Don’t worry! — The Dial-A-Do is up to the challenge. Twirl its control wheel to the max and you’ll get a never-ending hairdo that’ll get you noticed.

Made from only the finest aluminized plastic and certified 100% real human hair (reclaimed from Utah cult wives and failed ‘70s L.A. bands), each Dial-A-Do is machine- or shower-washable, and is lubricated by a specially developed polymer guaranteed never to bind, catch, slip or ooze. And, for a limited time only, if you’re going for that hairless male torso look, you can trade in your old back, chest and butt hair for a 5% discount off the suggested retail price of a new Dial-A-Do!

Call today, and become a Dial-A-Do-er! You’ll lose that chrome off your dome, by puttin’ some hair up there!    


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