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Did You Know Your Hair Falls Out While You Sleep?

Updated on December 31, 2018
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My passion is helping people in any way I can. If you don't know where to get help try me. I just might have an answer for you.

Let's StopYour Hair From Thinning And Falling Out

When you lose the hair line everything pretty much goes downhill if you don't reverse this effects
When you lose the hair line everything pretty much goes downhill if you don't reverse this effects | Source

The Protector That Doesn't Protect You

You've began to wind down for a good nights rest. You fluff your pillows. Once that's done you lie down to rest. But your pillow case is lurking and waiting on you to get comfortable. When your all snuggled, comfy, and sound asleep you began to toss and turn during slumber. Along comes your pillow case picking and pulling your hair out like the masked hair bandit with it's wicked giggles. Over time you realize your hair has thinned an awful lot. your edges are disappearing and you can no longer wear the hairstyles you used to wear because the full head of hair you once had is now the thinned head of hair. (Hey, I'm just being honest.) You, unhappy with a conclusion you have come to; start thinking to yourself that this is it. Your thinking this is the moment you start to lose your hair because of the aging process. Is it though? I say No!

Now first let's get rid of the stress you have have caused yourself with this way of thinking. Are you trying to make your hair fall out even more my friend. I assume the answer is no. So I'm going to give you a moment to destress so we can get this show on the road.

Are you ready? O.K. Turn your eyes up so you can read this clearly. Your pillow case is meant to protect your pillow and not your hair. (What's this I say?) When youu toss and turn your head is buried in the pillow. (Imagine as you read this) It's as if you you've laid your head on sandpaper. Now, without lifting your head turn over on your back. Now again, without lifting your head, turn on your side you did not start on. and do this all again in the opposite direction. If you need a moment to go try this. I'll wait. You see with each and every movement while you sleep, your hair is pulled, torn,matted, and tangled in many directions. While we sleep, it's not just side to side movement there's also up and down movement. It's not your fault, the body still wants comfort so it puts it's self while you sleep and you don't even know it. But get this. Your body is actually protecting the spirit and soul inside of it. (Hey that's you!)

How do you fix this pillow problem you ask? Well I'm gonna tell you. Invest in satin or silk pillows. this will allow your hair to glide a lot more As if to be ice skating across a smooth surface. Therefore creating less pull.

Next, You should invest in a silk or satin head wrap. The reason I wrote head wrap is because no mater what bonnets don't stay on. With a head wrap you can wrap it a few times an tie it off. The reason for it being silk or satin is because tossing and turing can cause the head wrap to shift and twist while on your head causing the sand paper effect if it's the wrong material.

If you are already doing these steps let's move on to the next cause and hair saving technique.

Your Hair Routine

If your not taking care of your hair then your causing your own hairloss
If your not taking care of your hair then your causing your own hairloss | Source

Time To Give Yourself A Noticeably Healthy Head Of Hair

Yes friend, I said it. "If your not taking care of your hair your causing your own hair loss". Ionly say these things because it's true and I care. Now let's get you all dolled up.

Your hair is living and breathing. Just any living thing it needs what? That's right, nourishment and nurturing. Starting from the beginning while washing your hair don't be so quick to do the old one two step and done. Washing your hair also means washing your scalp. You should massage your scalp during a wash for two reasons. One it breaks down the build up of products you have been using in your head. Along with the inevitable dust, chemicals, and smut in the air that attaches to your hair and stays there until you wash it. Think about this. a small bowl with an oz. of water. add a sprinkle of cinnamon (air and dust particles) a pinch of butter. (hair gel) Ten spritzes of olive oil (holding spray) This and more is the buildup that's on your hair and caked to your scalp, clogging the pores where your scalp is unable to breathe. This is why it is important to massage your hair during a wash. You also need to gently wash your hair with your hands as if you were washing a delicate piece of clothing for the same reasons above. be gentle with washing the strands. Put your hands on the gentle cycle.

The second reason you want to massage your scalp during a wash is to stimulate the follicles and promote growth. Massaging your scalp helps with blood flow and circulation. Blood circulation gives nutrients and oxygen.

It's always a good idea to treat your hair from start to finish. So during the wash cycle you should use a shampoo that also cares for your hair. Shampoos can make lot's of claims but their are only few truly work and give your hair what it needs to become revitalized and healthy. Not just look healthy but actually be healthy. Wash your hair twice, During the second application leave the shampoo for five minutes before continuing to wash. Was in Luke warm water not hot.

Next, Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry. Remember that sand paper effect? Yea that happens here too. Instead towel blot your hair until no longer drippring.

If your already this let's move on to next step.

Conditioning Your Hair To Health

As with the shampoo your condition should also have hair health benifits. After washing your conditioner until its hot but not boiling and massage into your scalp then your hair. Make sure every srand is being conditioned. Pace a shower cap on covering tour entire hairline. I you have a hair dryer, place the temp on warm and sit for twenty minutes. If you don't have a hair dryer, you should leave the conditioner on for thirty minutes. If you have a leave in conditioner, skip the next step.

Now we're going to rinse with Luke warm water. (Don't forget to massage.) Once all the conditioner has been rinsed out turn the water to cool, right before it's to cold. run your hair under the water as if your washing. This will lock in all that greatness you've just achieved.

Grease your scalp with oil treatment or grease.

Your doing great! Now let's move on to last part, I don't wanna keep you to long my friend.

Stop Style Pulling Your Hair Out

Styling your hair is ok. But like any food, certain styles should only be done in moderation.
Styling your hair is ok. But like any food, certain styles should only be done in moderation. | Source

There's More Than One Way To "NOT SKIN" Your Scalp

One more time for the people in the back.

Styling your hair is ok. But like food certain hairstyles are only good in moderation.

Whether you wear a lace front, comb wigs, band adjustable wigs, quick weave, sew ins or braids. You should rotate your hairstyles through out these types of styling techniques. Using the these techniques are traumatizing to your hair in many diffrent ways. The list is to long to cover here so I'll touch on the basics. Mainly the sand paper effect happens with each of these style.

If your gonna wear braids ask the stylist to leave your edges out of the process all the way around. This technique can be done beautifully and tastefully if done correctly. Use a stylist with caring hands. caring hands won't braid too tight and if your stylist is braiding too tight, don't be afraid to ask for a looser braid. If the stylist can't comply, Don't be afraid to leave. Just remeber to thank the stylist and tip them for trying. Braids don't have to have your scalp included to last an be beautiful. Don' forget to wrap up.

After taking your hair down from any style, your hair needs to breath and relax. JUst like you when your tired and stressed. Wear your own hair for a week. Maasage your scalp for five minutes. Then a leave in conditioner on day one. Day two oil your scalp and hair . Continue massages throught the breathing period. If you have to work during the breathing period and you don't want to wear your own hair which need air and oxygen to live. Put on a wig you can immediately slip off after work. (This wig should not be glued on)

I you wore braids or a quick weave last week, wear a less stressful style the next two hairstyles like a slip on and off wig, a comb wig and so on.

TIP: Don't Overwash And Only Clip Your Ends When Needed

Over washing your hair can damage it.

Washing your hair too often can strip it of it's natural oils and nutrients. If you have naturally thin hair, you should was every two weeks. thick hair should be washed once a week. Always naturally oily hair, wash as you please. Towel blot, No towel scrubbing or wringing.

Well that's it! You should start to notice a naturally beautiful shine with a volumized bounce. You'll start to notice how healthy your hair looks and feels. Because it won't just look healthy, it'll be healthy inside and out.

Make sure you only clip your ends when you notice straggly ends and split ends. Clip those ends to be even with the rest of the hair. Don't worry, it'll grow back after next few clipping you'll notice.

I will recommend a few products that I myself use for you to try if you wish.

Hair Growth From A-Z

Herbal Gro 4pc Shampoo kit Includes Herbal Gro Shampoo 12oz Herbal Gro Conditioner 12oz Spray Therapy 4pc and Creme Therapy
Herbal Gro 4pc Shampoo kit Includes Herbal Gro Shampoo 12oz Herbal Gro Conditioner 12oz Spray Therapy 4pc and Creme Therapy
This product set has you covered and will help you achieve the results you want. This product is good for any type of hair so no need to worry if your hair is too straight, curly, coarse, or anything else

Hair Growth Treatment

Wild Growth Set (Hair Oil 4 oz + Light Oil Moisturizer 4 oz)
Wild Growth Set (Hair Oil 4 oz + Light Oil Moisturizer 4 oz)
this product can be use during wash. During the second wash use drops of this and massage it into your scalp and hair. Let sit for five minutes and start the rinse process above. During your hair breathing week. Use this on day two to oil your scalp and and massage. Use this product when you scalp is dry also even during the times you have a hair do.

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