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Did you know there are two type of almond oil ?

Updated on August 2, 2012

Did you know there are two type of almond oil ?

We probably have heard of Almond Oil,
but did you know there are 2 types?

One of them should never go on your skin,
the other is really great for your skin.

Bitter Almond Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.
There is a huge difference between these 2

Bitter Almond Oil:

An essential oil (used for scent) Smells like strong maraschino cherries
or a really strong amaretto scent. Is not skin safe. My experience with bitter almond oil
is that a little goes a long way and can be
used in an aromatherapy blend for a room
diffuser, not on skin.

The scent on its
own makes me, as well as a lot of other
people, feel a bit ill.

Sweet Almond Oil:

Sweet almond oil is a carrier oil
just like an olive or soybean oil. Smells soft and nutty but not strong. Is skin safe.

For our purpose, we will talk about
Sweet Almond Oil.

Sweet Almond Oil is often used as a carrier
oil in aromatherapy blends. Carrier Oil
means it is a base oil, or a major oil that
you add other oils to.

It has a very light, sweet smell, with a
slight yellow tinge to it.

Sweet Almond Oil is very easily absorbed
into the skin. Because of this it is often
used in massage oils.
It moisturizes the skin and adds a
healthy glow to your complexion.

It's widely used in soaps, creams and
moisturizers. Sweet Almond Oil is rich
in vitamin E and D.

It also contains
essential minerals such as magnesium
and calcium. It's high in fatty acids.

Sweet Almond Oil softens and smooths the
skin without clogging your pores.
Almond Oil is good for all skin types,
but is especially good for dry or irritated skin.

Good for prematurely aging skin and dry,
sensitive skin. It stimulates cell renewal.
Leaves your skin feeling soft, renewed and

Sweet Almond Oil helps to heal sunburned
skin, cracked and dry skin.

It is also a great oil to use on your hair.
It nourishes the hair and smooths the hair
cuticles. It makes hair stronger and thicker.
It adds shine to your hair and helps
control hair loss.

Sweet Almond Oil is very delicate oil and
has a fairly short shelf life.

You can purchase Sweet Almond Oil in most
grocery stores and health food stores.

Did you know there are two type of almond oil ?

Sweet Almond Bath Oil

  1. This is a very relaxing way to end a long busy day. Skip the bubble bath. There are too many chemicals that fight against what your skin needs.
  2. Blend your Sweet Almond Oil with your Olive Oil. Mix well. Add your essential oil and mix again. Store in a glass jar or container with a lid. Add a few tablespoons to your running bath water and relax into the tub. This is a wonderful way to re moisturize your skin when the weather and seasons are starting to change. This is the time that our natural skin oils tend to be out of balance.


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      Alan Bosel 22 months ago

      Do you know what sweet almond career oil career oil ? Is it the same as sweet almond oil?

      Thank you Alan B

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