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Difference between Indian Lehenga Choli and Ghagra Choli

Updated on May 20, 2010

Lehengas and Ghagras

Indian lehenga cholis have been a part of the traditional Indian wear since the moghul rule in India. Before the Moghuls entered India, Saree used to be the only traditional wear for women in India. Lehenga Choli resembles a Saree in most aspects with the advantage of being a better cover for the body than the saree. The lehenga is the skirt that can be tied around the waist for a firm fit unlike the saree that could come off easily. The choli of the lehenga is a tight fitting blouse just like the saree blouse. The difference is that the choli of the lehenga suit comes embellished with beads and sequins and has a different pattern compared to the saree blouse. Next comes the big scarf also called the orhini in proper hindi or dupatta. This acts as a cover over the chest doing the role of a sari’s pallu and could go over the head for protection.

Difference between Lehenga and Ghagra:

A lehengahas an “A” shaped cut with a narrow cut around the waist area to highlight the feminity and profile of the woman. The circumference of the skirt increases down the length to a full flare at the bottom to give a level of richness and fullness to the skirt. The ghagra on the other hand has a straight cut in pattern and is pleated in the stitch around the waist or narrowed down using drawstrings to fit the waist. Ghagras are mostly worn by women in the northwest part of India like Rajasthan and Gujarat as a more comfortable wear than the stylish lehengas.

Examples of Ghagra Cholis and Lehenga Cholis

Example of Ghagra Choli
Example of Ghagra Choli
Example of Lehenga Choli
Example of Lehenga Choli

Occasions for Lehengas and Ghagras

Lehenga Cholis have mostly become a symbol of bridal wear and are mostly worn during special occasions like weddings, parties, and other festive occasions.  Ghagra Cholis on the other hand come in various flavors starting from the cotton chaniya cholis worn by women in Rajasthan and Gujarat as a daily wear, bandhani ghagra cholis that are made of tie and dye fabric with embellishments, Party wear ghagra cholis that are made of georgette, crepe or silk material and the wedding ghagra cholis with heavy bead, kundan and sequins work in different color and patterns.


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