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Different Types of Bras

Updated on December 15, 2012

Bra Types

Bra Types

Bras are women’s undergarments that are meant to support the breasts and also eliminate problems such as back pains and sagging breasts. Bras also shape the figure of the wearer, but it depends on the bra style, fashion, functionality and its fabric. Most of the bras in the market today are listed into more than 1 category, and here are some of the more than 30 types of bras.

Support bras

This is the type that offers good support to the entire breasts. Typically this is used by women for their everyday wear. Under this category are the side support bra, the back and posture support bras, the lift bra, and push up bra. These support bras, particularly the push up braslift the breasts and push them up high, place them together closer to enhance the cleavage. The back and posture support bras provide protection from back injuries and correct the bad posture.

Sport bras

These are the type that offers firm support, to avoid embarrassment and discomfort during workouts or vigorous exercises.

Maternity bras

This is designed for pregnant women, constructed in such a way as the bra can be adjusted to allow for the increase in size of the breasts during pregnancy.

Nursing bras

This type of bra helps so that you can easily breastfeed your baby. The cups of nursing bras are covered with flaps that you can unclasp and pull down, giving your baby access to your nipples as your breasts become exposed.

Padded bras

This type is different from the push up bras. It can support your breasts but it does not lift them significantly, as push up bras do. Padded bras have padding that give your breasts a fuller shape. This is a good alternative to bra stuffing which is a practice by teenagers and small breasted women of using tissues, cotton balls, sugar packets and socks to add volume to their breasts.

Minimizer bras

This bra type will play down your bust size by shaping and compressing your breasts to create an appearance of a one cup smaller size of your bust. These are comfortable bras for everyday wear also.

Mastectomy bras

This type is what you wear if you have undergone a mastectomy operation and you lost one or both your breasts due to cancer. Mastectomy bras have prosthesis in place.

Demi bras

This is a style with only half cup and horizontal bust line, and is also popular among women. Its straps are set far apart so that you are allowed to wear low cut garments without showing the straps or the top of the cups. The bra is often boned or seamed and provide a frame like effect and also great cleavage. You’ll get less support from demi bras compared to push up or lift bras.

Other types of bras include the adhesive bra, convertible bra, front closure bra, racerback bra, soft cup bra, strapless bra, t-shirt bra, U-plunge bra, underwire bra, vintage bra and more. You can choose the type that suits your needs best, just be careful that you get your correct size when buying the bra of your choice.

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