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Different Hairstyles for Men

Updated on May 16, 2011


Are you crazy? hair style for men? of course there are: Look at these ones.

There are several types of hair, kinky, straight, wavy, curly and several colors too like blond, black, brown or on between shades. These are the natural ones but they can color it if they want too. Men can also follow the styles of women if they like.

Some men go to parlor for their haircut but others will just cut their hair for their own sake. I know some men just cut their hair like crew cut or the military cut, it is nice and clean cut too, and easy to maintain.

Hairstyle also goes with the kind of lifestyle you have or the age group you belong, for the younger generation, they also try punk hairstyle which became popular in the mid 1970s, which are donned usually by rockers. The most important thing is to style your hair appropriately and whenever you are comfortable with the kind of hair you have.



Different styles for men:

The Mohawk is a hairstyle and the name come from the people of the Mohawk nation from an indigenous tribe form the North America who originally inhabited the Mohawk valley in upstate New York, This hairstyle is very popular among the youth, some make this as their fashion hair statement. The hair is stripped on both sides of the head and it is shaved and leave a hair in the center. Today, Mohawks are still associated with the punk subculture, but have also become part of mainstream fashion.

Bald is handsome-- Sometimes less is more, and this is proven without a doubt when it comes to bald men. Sometimes also when men lost their hair, it is sexy to be bald. Clean cut looking and it will emphasize the clean face. Some men have moustache too, and accompanying goatee for some. Some men prefer the head to be bald specially if their hair is thinning, it happens and it is not their fault or poor grooming, blame the genes.

One another form of bald hair is semi bald too, it means it is not bald all the way but a little hair growth is evident.

Men with long plain hairs. Have you ever seen a lot of men, Indian men, football players, soccer players and men with wavy hair. It is a fashion statement and some men like growing hair too. The current conventional norm is for men to wear their hair short and for womens hair to be longer. Now if the men's hair is longer the more he can style and do something about it.

Men also braid their hair-- Now sometimes men braid their hair for some purpose as women too, it looks for organized and not tangled too.

Some men wear their hair in pony tails or loose and tie them in multiple ways.

Some men go to beauty parlor to let their hair styled just like women too.

For other styles (photographs) of hair for men I find this site nice: Men's Long Hair Style

long multiple tied hair
long multiple tied hair

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