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Discover Your Lingerie Star Sign

Updated on October 13, 2009

The ancient art of determining lingerie sign by birth date has been around for millenia but was lost to the world in the great lingerie suppression of the late 19th century. Now this gift has been returned by an mysterious digital Prometheus.

All lingerie wearers fall into one of the seven signs, so find your birth month and discover your secret lingerie identity

The Sign Of The Thong (January, July)

Those born under the sign of the thong love to walk the fine line between comfort and danger. Thong people often choose careers in the military, the peace corps, or become missionaries to far off places where they stand a high chance of being killed by those they are trying to save.


The Sign of The Bikini (May, September)

Those born under the sign of the bikini are fun and flirtatious. They rarely take life seriously and are always ready to hang out and chill. In spite of their fun side, they also know when to buckle down and do hard work, and can make excellent employees in any field.

The Sign of the Pantyhose (February)

Those born under the sign of the pantyhose tend to be cautious and self contained. It might be hard to tell what they are thinking at any given moment. They maintain an outwardly traditional and conformist appearance, but in reality can come apart at any moment, running amok, laddering the very fabric of society. Those born under the sign of the pantyhose are perhaps the most dangerous of all signs.

The Sign Of The Stockings (March, April)

Flashy, adventurous and downright risque, those born under the sign of the stockings make any event more lively, be it an office party or a small civil war. They wield great power to move and influence people, but this power can be used for good or evil.


The Sign of the Brassiere (August)

Supportive, caring, those born under the sign of the brassiere are nurturers. Be they mothers or fathers, nurses, caregivers or dinner ladies, they are always helping others out, supporting them through hard times. When you need stability, you will likely seek out someone born under the sign of the brassiere.

The Sign of the Corset (November, December)

Those born under the sign of the corset are hard liners who favor rules and regulations. They are likely to become policemen, civil servants, or traffic wardens. Though loathed by many, they have a certain strange attraction for those who like to have their excesses reigned in. No matter how much we might want to push people born under the sign of the corset off the edge of the world, they are the one thing standing between the rest of society and total anarchy.

The Sign of the Camisole (June, October)

Soft and light, performing no essential function, those born under the sign of the camisole are the glitter of the world. People like Paris Hilton are sure to have been born under the sign of the camisole.


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    • profile image

      Venus 9 years ago

      I'm the sign of the camisole, which makes sense since I'm wearing one right now!

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 9 years ago from Arizona

      Holy crap! I was born in every month of the year, all the items cling to me....LOL