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Distressed Ankle Jeans

Updated on July 10, 2017

I saw this idea on INSTAGRAM and LOVED IT!

If you guys are oriented towards fashion,patterns, and new trends, looking at the explore tab on Insta will show you amazing styles and give you ideas to recreate!

Let me just say, the way I recreated this look was by hand. If you do have a sewing machine around, it'll come much easier to you to use it!

Starting off, I choose dark wash jeans because those were the jeans that fit a bit loosely around my ankles and I wanted to turn them in to something new in my closet. If I did have a lighter shade of jeans, I would've used them to make this look.

What you'll need:

1. Your choice of colored string to sew with

2. Sewing machine or needle (if by hand)

3. Jeans you're bored with

4. Scissors

5. Measuring Tape

Video Below!

To begin creating this look, I grabbed white string to sew my outline on the bottom of the pants. To do this, I had to make sure I measured 2 inches from the seam up (from the pant leg).

After I had stitched along the 2 inch mark. I had to repeat the process so that any spaces in between the string were covered and my hand created rips wouldn't continue up the pants over time.

Lastly, I started cutting parallel lines up the pant leg and this created the strands that I would use to pull apart with tweezers to create the distressed look!

Check out my video for a detailed explanation!




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