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Beauty and Advertising

Updated on July 24, 2013

Beauty and the Advertising Beast

Some beauty advertisements make extraordinary claims...that's surely nothing new but there's "oh, yeah, riiiiight" extraordinary and then there's "what the?! you're kidding me?!" extraordinary. In our beauty obsessed culture, women (and men) will spend a lot of money, take risks and suffer untold indignities to improve their appearance. With each new product there's always the chance of a magic wand transformation - a product that will change our lives and elevate us to happiness. Are we really just buying illusions...wishes, hopes, promises?

Why have so many people seemingly become dissatisfied with their natural eye-colour in the last few years? Why do they want to process their hair, get their breasts enlarged or inject themselves with bottulism? It is, of course, a feature of dear old capitalism to create dissatisfaction and desire and then present us with 'solutions'. We are constantly bombarded with ads designed to persuade us to try this or that skin treatment, hair product, body shaper or cosmetic procedure. Some though, seem just a little too much; creepy, far-fetched or even dangerous...and yet, enticing. How about simple-to-use eyes drops that can temporarily change your eye color ?

Iro Eye Drops

Image from
Image from

Change Your Eye Colour Instantly?

After watching the Ira eye drop video, a few obvious questions came to mind. How could this work? Why doesn't the colour spill out over the the white part of the eye? Is it safe? According to the website, this product can change your eye color with "one drop".

Apparently a team of Japanese ophthalmologists came up with the drops after years after "years of research on the biochemical mechanisms of the human eye". Sounds amazing doesn't it?

Well it would be if it were true but it's a lie! Or more correctly, it's a kind of joke designed by Rock Group: Visual Branding & Advertising, a company that specialises in creating viral videos. It does prove though how easily we can persuaded of something, especially if we want to believe it. Drops could be manufactured and contain nothing but water but if marketed right, I suspect hoards people would try it, just once, to see if it worked. Not surprisingly, after the ad appeared there was a stack of inquiries on the internet from people wanting to find out more.

Latisse Eyelash Grower

Brooke Shields...Latisse ambassador.
Brooke Shields...Latisse ambassador.

May cause increased brown pigmation in the coloured part of the eye which is LIKELY PERMANENT. Eyelid skin darkening may occur which MAY be reversible.

Excuse me...? I think I'll give that one a miss. The lash growing mascara is real...not a joke, although it would make a great satire. At least I think it's real. An article on scienceblog reported that the product was originally developed as a treatment for glaucoma but a side effect was the growth of long, luxurious eyelashes. The topical drug is marketed as an eyelash enhancer and sold without a prescription.

Before it was approved by the FDA there was controversy about the safety of the product, as it had been linked to optic nerve damage and possibly, blindess. However Allergen (the company that owns Latisse) specified that the product should only be used on upper lashes, never the lower and that seemed to satisfy the powers that be. Well that fills me with confidence...not.


Why does this remind me of Phantom of the Opera or worse..Hannibal Lecter? Is it my imagination or was Linda Evans wearing a mask in that introduction? Didn't she seem a just liittle too tight and taut....or was it the joker-like lips? I'm sure she used to have slender lips...hmmm.

Despite the fact the ad states that this mask "can be enjoyed in a variety of settings" (ha!), i would be wary of wearing this beauty product around small children and people who are easily spooked.

Scary Packaging

Never having used this product, I can't say for sure exactly what it does but I could make a pretty good guess and it might have something to do with wet T-shirts.

The strangest thing about this 'enhancer' is the looks like it belongs in the toy section with the Barbies and rainbow ponies.

"Curioser and curioser" said Alice in Wonderland.

Double Eyelid Enhancer

This one looks a little painful or at least uncomfortable. Designed to widen Asian eyes by lifting the upper lid, the blurb on the packaging promises the following:

Having natural double eyelids is easy! Just 5 minutes a day
No more double eyelids tape / stickers or double eyelids glue~
No more scary double eye surgery
This product can create or enhance double eyelid naturally by using it 5 minutes a day~
Tips: No mascara on eyelids before usage

And I do love this bit:

Please make sure no body around you during usage

Good advice! I think Rejuvenique should condsider putting that on their mask packaging.

It's Righter to be Whiter...?

What strange creatures we humans are and so subject to fads and fancies. For decades a tan was the thing to covet and scores of lily white caucasians suffered untold indignities, including lobster burns , blisters and freckles, not to mention risking cancerous growths, all in the name of trying for an olive glow to our ghostly bodies.

Now it seems, white is the way to go for Asian men? Whaaat? What's going on? Seems to me the marketers have dreamt up a new way for people to feel insecure and sold them a solution. Not white enough? Don't look enough like a Westerner?...hey, for 49.95 we've got a cream for that!

For Hair Down There

Just in case anyone doubts you're a natural blonde, there's a product for that too.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination that really necessary?



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    • Ella Quirk profile image

      Ella Quirk 6 years ago

      We do. Thanks catgypsy.

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 6 years ago from the South

      Interesting Hub! We live in a crazy world!

    • Ella Quirk profile image

      Ella Quirk 6 years ago

      Robert, thankyou. Yes, I am very pleased AND flattered to be featured. Maybe it was the eyecatching photo...:)

    • Robertj64 profile image

      Robertj64 6 years ago from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

      Congratulation on your hub. While I am not an expert on this topic by any means, you must be happy with your hub's success and being featured on the front page of hubpages. That being said that photo with the four eyes is very creepy.

    • Ella Quirk profile image

      Ella Quirk 6 years ago

      It is. Thanks Khandeg

      Lol MAMAMOORE...I'm with you on the eyedrops. Thankyou for reading.

    • MAMAMOORE profile image

      MAMAMOORE 6 years ago

      Wow... this makes me feel even better about my part time interest in AVON... so far so good.. nothing crazy there! I can't imagine being brave enough to put drops into my eyes to change the color.. sounds like something the Nazi's tried once upon a time...

    • profile image

      Khandieg 6 years ago

      Natural beauty is the best alternative.

    • Ella Quirk profile image

      Ella Quirk 6 years ago

      Thanks very much everyone for the great comments.

      HappyHuman the eye colour ad is pretty strange but who knows, maybe one day there WILL be eyedrops to change colour!

      haha Food Fairies...I'm certainly scared of those Latisse lashes.

      HearMeOut, your not wrong, sometimes it hard to tell the real ads from the satires.

      krissalus, I think you might be right about that.

    • krissalus profile image

      krissalus 6 years ago

      I love this entire hub, but I laughed so hard when I saw the before and after shots 3/4 of the way through the Rejuvenique video. Anyone else think the before shot looked better than the after?

    • Food Fairies profile image

      Food Fairies 6 years ago from London

      Wow! How very... eye-opening! Very interesting hub...Crazy the lengths some people go to for 'beauty.' I'm still scared of fake eyelashes!

    • HearMeOut profile image

      HearMeOut 6 years ago

      Its such a plastic world we live in.. I actually got fooled by the eye drops and started thinking its so much easier than contacts! lol.. But great article..

      There a lot of ridiculous other ads on TV like the belt which will burn all your belly fat within days, the creams which will give you flawless skin or turn you shades fairer (probably negating the effect of genes!) and shampoos which promise to stop hair loss.. And the worst thing is people actually for these scams :(

    • Happy Human profile image

      Happy Human 6 years ago

      Love This!

      I laugh at these types of commercials all of the time but the eye color one really takes the cake!

    • Ella Quirk profile image

      Ella Quirk 6 years ago

      Thanks Simone!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      LOL!! Beauty Nipple!!!! HAHAAAAA!!!! Boy... these are really hilarious. Disturbing, but hilarious.