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Do Hair Building Thickening Fibres Really Work?

Updated on November 22, 2017
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A 31 year old male with thinning hair, on the look out for products that could thicken my hair and improve my appearance...

Hair Thickening Fibres

Hair thickening fibres, also known as hair building fibres claim to give the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair when applied to existing hair strands. This is apparently a transformation that takes place so fast that they even claim to use the word instant when advertising the products and on their packaging.

The fibres generally come concealed in a bottle, which has smalls holes that are pierced in the top. To apply the fibres you simple shake them out of bottle onto your existing hair. If you can imagine sprinkling salt from a salt pot then you would be on the right track.

These fibres are usually plant based with the most popular options being the Gossypium Herbaceum and Keratin options. When negatively charged these fibres are supposed to cling to human hair which then creates the fuller look.

Another claim that the manufacturers like to use is that the fibres are so alike to human hair that they are virtually undetectable when applied.

What Happens When Applied

The image illustrates how the hair fibers attach themselves to real hair when applied.
The image illustrates how the hair fibers attach themselves to real hair when applied.

Do Hair Fibers Really Work?

So it's fair to say that these claims sound a little too good to be true so I put them to the test. As a male aged 31 with extremely thinning hair, I decided to try out hair fibers for myself to see if they really do work as well as claimed. I purchased my first bottle of hair fibres from a company called Toppik. At first I was sceptical but at the same time I was optimistic - I really did want to find a product that would thicken my hair!

Let's go through the claims and see how my experience shapes up.

Fuller & Thicker Hair Instantly - The product did thicken my hair way beyond any expectations that I had but it wasn't instant. It was quick, but not instant. The product took around 4 minutes to apply and the result was fuller and thicker hair instantly. My first thought was that my hair now looked too thick and people would know immediately what I had been up to, or think that I'd had a hair transplant.

Virtually Undetectable - This statement / claim is definitely fair and correct. When the fibres were applied I could not tell the difference between the real hair and the fibres. The most important thing here is to match the colour of the fibres to the real hair.

To Summarise - The claims made by the hair fiber companies do sound a bit spammy and a little unrealistic, but they do live up to their claims and statements.

I'd like to share with you my own personal before and after photographs that I've taken to show you how good these products are.

This really is me before and after. Nothing fake and these are my personal copyrighted images.

Personal images when applying hair fibers to my own thinning hair.
Personal images when applying hair fibers to my own thinning hair.

Different Types Of Hair Fibers?

The two most popular types of hair fiber are Gossypium Herbaceum and Keratin. Both of these fibres are derived from plant based extracts. They are cotton based fibers. They are natural grown fibres that offer a unique breathable structure.

Gossypium Herbaceum vs Keratin Hair Fibers

One of the choices that you are forced to make when selecting your a hair fibre, is the choice between Gossypium Herbaceum and Keratin. So which is best? Having used both types of hair fibre, I can only say that I have not noticed any difference using one to the other. They are both applied in the same way and both produced exactly the same results. Some people prefer Keratin based, whilst others prefer Gossypium based - but my conclusion is that they are practically the same thing.

My experience of using hair fibres has been a very positive one and I recommend them to anyone with thinning hair who wishes to regain the fuller and thicker look. Application of the product takes between 1-2 minutes and the results are quite phenomenal. It is best to use these products at the early stages of thinning hair though because otherwise your friends and family may be mistaken for thinking that you have had a hair transplant!

Are they safe to use?

All cosmetic products on the market are subject to cosmetic product safety reports. These hair fibres are widely available so they should be considered safe to use.

One of the questions that seems to be frequently asked, is regarding the use of silica in these products. Silica is a chemical used to keep things fresh and prevent moisture. You may have noticed a tiny packet in a pair of shoes or sneakers that you've bought before? Well that is Silica. Is Silica safe in hair fibers? Why does it show Silica on the bottle of toppik, gofybr, mustard bus, caboki as an ingredient? A small packet of Silica is placed inside the bottle (just like with a pair of new shoes). The Silica used in the hair fibre products is concealed and therefore safe. There is only a risk in the event that the packet should open, which is highly unlikely.

How long do hair fibers last?

Most hair fibers will last until you wash your hair. In order to lock in the fibers most companies provide a specially formulated Fiber Hold Spray which ensures that fibers lock into place and also helps to provide an added shine finish.

How much do they cost?

Hair fiber can be purchased for around £18.00 / $23.00 per bottle. There are less expensive versions on the market and I've tried them, but unfortunately in order to get something that really works then you have to be prepared to pay a bit more.

How long does a bottle last?

The length of time that a bottle will last depends entirely on how much the user is dispensing. On average one bottle should last between 40-80 days. The good news is that you don't need to apply much for it to work.

Personally I would only use this product on special occasions where I want to look my best, so I can easily make one bottle last me about a year.

The Best Hair Thickening Fibres

In order of the thickening fibers that I have found the best results:

1). The Mustard Bus Company London Hair Fibres (Gossypium Herbaceum Based) - This is our top choice, does a great job of thickening and the fibers seem to be charged more than other brands which increases the magnetism. Available in 7 natural colours and has it's own scientifically formulated fibre hold spray to lock in the bond.

2). Toppik Hair Fibres (Keratin Based) Toppik are the widest used hair fibers throughout the world. Toppik is available in 9 natural colours and has it's own fibre hold spray to lock in the fibers.

3). Mane Hair Spray - this is an alternative to TMBC and Toppik. Mane comes in a form of spray and is neither Keratin or Gossypium based. Mane allows for the spray to be applied prior to styling which is a great bonus, but it can be very messy and rubs off on textiles, such as clothes and pillows. Therefore it is highly recommended that you wash Mane out before going to bed. Mane can be considered a concealer with a thickening effect. Therefore it does stay on your scalp and has less of a breathable structure than your typical hair fibres.

Used Hair Fibers Before?

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Demonstration Video

For Men and Women

Hair Building Fibres can be used by both males and females with thinning hair.

The Future

It's fair to say that hair building fibres are not for everyone, but for the younger generation they are expected to grow rapidly in popularity and I don't think it will be too long before we start to see them on the shelves in our local supermarkets.

© 2017 Terry Harris


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