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Do Natural Teeth Whitening Products Work

Updated on November 14, 2013

Humans have always resorted to nature to find answers for ailments. While they were dubbed alternative cures or therapies after the mainstream medicinal system was formed, they were continued to be used in various countries around the world in different forms.

For example, Ayurveda, the Indian healing science is proven to be one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world that was formulated almost 5000 years ago.

Most Ayurvedic medications are formulated from natural ingredients like herbs, flowers, fruits, etc and are generally considered safe for long term use.

While they were once used mostly in rural areas, they are now being used extensively even in mainstream cities. In fact, we are in the midst of a trend where people are now slowly shifting towards using Natural products around the world.

Even synthetic colors and preservatives are now being replaced with natural ingredients.

The introduction of Natural teeth whitening products is an indication of this.

While it has captured the attention of consumers using whitening products, there is still a lot of skepticism and curiosity whether these products really work.

What does a so called, ‘Natural Teeth Whitening Kit’ really contain?

Here are some answers:

We analyzed some of the top natural teeth whitening kits in the market today for their ingredients and listed below are some of the common ingredients and their effects on oral health.

Sodium Bicarbonate: The good old Baking soda which is considered to be a relatively weak ingredient is surprisingly found in most natural teeth whitening kits. It is amphoteric in nature which means that it can react with both Acids as well as bases. This quality allows it to neutralize acids produced by the bacteria in plaque. It also has a mild abrasive nature which makes it so effective in removing surface stains. Combine this with it’s easily water soluble nature and we have an ingredient that can penetrate deep between teeth and remove stains. Additionally, it is softer than enamel and dentine (the outer layer of the tooth) and hence causes no damage to these parts. Most teeth whitening kits have an enhanced version of sodium bicarbonate that has been engineered to provide vigorous cleaning.

Pomegranate Extracts: While some products contain extracts of the seeds of Pomegranate, others contain extracts of the peel or the skin. Either ways, the extracts contain antibacterial properties which repel plaque. It is loaded with antioxidants (3 times that of Green tea) and is extremely beneficial for oral health. Pomegranate extracts may also be named by their technical name Punica Granatum. So, don't be confused if you find this on the product label. It's one and the same thing.

Aloevera, Mint & Chamomile:The reason these three have been clubbed together is because all 3 of them contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which heals wounds, prevents mouth ulcers & prevents the growth of fungus or viral infections. They also deodorize the mouth and prevent bad breath from occurring. Overall, all 3 of these ingredients will only improve your oral health.

Vitamin D: If your teeth are yellow and stained, then there are chances that it has weakened over time. Vitamin D works to strengthen the roots of the teeth and improves teeth strength.

While newer kits are being introduced in the market with more ingredients, these are the most commonly found ingredients in most natural products.

So, we did the next best thing.

We tested one of the best teeth whitening kits in the market currently and compared the results with that of a Natural one.

Here’s what we found.

Kit A (Synthetic): Usage was easy. The teeth became 3 shades whiter within just one week of usage. Sensitivity was mild at first but got worse when some of the whitening gel got smeared on the gums and tongue.

Kit B (Natural): Usage was exactly similar to a synthetic kit. The teeth became 2 shades whiter within a week. There was no sensitivity whatsoever. Also, there was a bad breath problem which seemed to reduce after a week of usage.

So, while the results seem to be slower in Natural teeth whitening kits, it surely does work.

And it seems to be a tad better as compared to synthetic kits because there is no sensitivity even if some of the whitening gel spreads on to your gums or your tongue.

The Final Verdict

If you have used a synthetic teeth whitening bleach, then you will surely be aware of the sensitivity problem that it can cause. The Natural version allows you to whiten teeth without any pain or sensitivity. It is clearly a better choice.


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