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Do U Shave That Hidden Hair?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Hair on bodies. Do you like it? Are you repulsed to see it in certain places, while not others? Have you been brainwashed by media to think a certain way about hair on bodies?

I will never forget being aware of this thing as a kid. Never even thought of it- until - my friends and I were at a pool and my dad arrived for a swim. He was old school, so he even dressed to go to the pool. So, there we are just chatting and my dad takes off his shirt. Holy shit, was my first reaction. I was so embarrassed because of my dad's hair, I mean, he looked like a fur ball. Hair on the back, hair on the shoulders, hair on the chest and stomach and arms. Thank god he WAS hairless on the hands!!!! Of course, my friends just looked in awe, jokes would follow once he got in the pool.

Luckily, I did not inherit the fur ball genes, but there was a time when men with hairy chests were "in", now, because of the media, it seems men must have no body hair anywhere except maybe around the groin area, or should it be bare there also? Hair on the back for some odd reason even bothers me but it is rather hard to reach. Maybe the sight of my dad made such an impression in a bad way?

Still, many women are repulsed by hairy men especially those under 30, the media has done a magnificent brainwashing job. Kudos! Women\teen girls go to extremes to be hairless, even around their vagina. Now, it is one thing to trim the hair in that area so it does not pop out along the sides of the tiny bikini or make it "poofy" or "bushy", but to shave off all of it? Some women think that most men like a hairless woman (head area excluded, of course). is this for real?

Much of the shaving in such areas is based on myths,like, it is healthier with no pubic hair, less germs, STDs. Of course, some claim it reduces foul odor . This is definitely true. Peer pressure for teens make this a near must for many girls or guys. The shaving craze began in the porn industry and because it can be seen easily now, many tend to think it is the norm.

However, the reasons to shave are myths. Reality is that body hair keeps skin more hygenic, not less and spongy pubic hair protects the skin from abrasions which can become infected in the hot, humid environment there. Shaving causes minor abrasions one may not notice causing staph or herpes.

Don't shave down there, just saying.


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