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Do You Feel Fat And Ugly?

Updated on June 2, 2009

OMG Pogs!

Pump Shoes

Welcome to the club. There are an estimated 2 billion people feeling fat and ugly at any given time on the planet (estimate may be conservative). Most of these people are perfectly pleasant looking and nowhere near unhealthy in their weight. Many of these people are children, struggling to understand where they fit in in the world.

Our consumer culture has brought us a great many awesome things. Pogs, for instance, remember them? You could stack them, and then you could throw them at each other. Like sticks and rocks, but 1000% more expensive.

(Watch the little video if you still need some clarification here.)

It also brought us those shoes you could pump up with air. Shoes so cool, only the coolest kids had them. Shoes that didn't just cover your feet and protect you from jagged class, they actually defined who you were. How many shoes can claim to do that, huh?

Unfortunately, the downside of rampant consumerism is that in order to drive you to buy crap you really don't need, advertisers need to make you feel bad about yourself first. If you're reading this and you're under, say, 40, you were born into a world which pumped media at you from the time you first gurgled at the shiny colorful pictures on the tv box that told you who and what you are is not enough.

To do this, they parade images of models doing impossibly cool things in front of you. If only you were 20 pounds lighter and purchased the 'Snuff n Steak', then you'd be able to defeat an entire Russian ninja basketball team too.

The irony of the situation is that we have now reached levels of such incredible unattainability in advertising, that actual supermodels aren't good enough to be used in advertising without being airbrushed and digitally adjusted to make them look prettier. That's right. The woman you feel bad about not because you're not as good looking as her isn't even hot enough to play herself on TV.

Want proof? Watch this...

Don't waste another day feeling ugly or inferior. Don't waste another day worrying about how you look. You have one life, and if you're lucky, the functional extent of that life is about 70 years. Marketers and advertisers are doing nothing but trying to turn you from a living, thinking, independent being into a consumer slave, buying buying buying to fill the void they themselves created within you until the day you go loopy and start hitting on the furniture.

You're not fat. You're not ugly. Save your money and go live your life.

The truth is out there...


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    • profile image

      joy 7 years ago

      how would you like to be a 6'2" female and weigh 252 in this petite crazed society?

    • profile image

      Michaela 8 years ago

      Is it bad that im 14 years old and im 5'8 and im about 125ish pounds and feel this way EVERYDAY of my life i feel fat constantly but theres nothing i can do about it....or at least it seems that way

    • profile image

      Aubrianna Lipp 8 years ago

      Wow. This is crazy. I was doiong a report on the media and i stumbled across this... Loved the article. Thanks. (:

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Then I suggest you read the article and stop worrying about it :) The same message applies to men and women...

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      do you know what sucks almost as much as feeling fat and ugly?

      being a guy who feels skinny and ugly. I will always get flack about being the tall really skinny guy and must apologize for my geneticlly fast motabolism.