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How to Choose a Perfume ? Perfumes and Characters

Updated on April 12, 2013

When it comes to choosing perfume whether for yourself or as a gift for someone, the range available can be so wide and confusing.

Everyone has his or her own natural scent. Hence, it is crucial to choose the perfume, which combines together with our natural scent, creates a new scent that’s acceptable for us. Choosing the right perfume is something very personal and depends on our own personalities.

Do and Don’ts in Choosing a Perfume

1. Avoid consuming any spicy meal as it can affect your body chemistry and scent.

2. Avoid wearing any perfume when you intend to shop for a new scent.

3. Do not choose a perfume just because your friends are wearing it or because it is a big brand with premium price. The same perfume can smell differently on different individual. Fragrance is something very personal and is a reflection of your own personality. If you listen to your friend, she may be forcing her taste on you. Choosing the right perfume may mean a lifetime decision for you; once you have found the right one, you may not want to change it any more.

4. When trying on a perfume, spray the perfume on your wrist, not on a piece of paper. Don’t rub the wrist with perfume on, as it will destroy the perfume molecules, and change the scent. Instead, wait for a while and let the perfume dry on your skin, and then smell it. If possible, ask for a free sample to bring home so that you can take your time to try it later.

5. Do not decide on a perfume immediately. Perfume is designed to evaporate in layers. The first layer, called top notes, is the first scent you smell, which will wear away after about 10 minutes, leaving behind the heart notes. It takes on average an hour (to a few hours) for base notes or perfume’s essence to emerge. After putting on a perfume, go for a walk or shopping, and decide after a few hours later whether that is the right perfume for you. By then, you will know how the perfume interacts with your skin and body scent.

6. Do not smell too many perfumes at one time to avoid olfactory overload. Just try three or four. To refresh your smelling power, try wafting coffee beans under your nose.

7. Don’t choose a perfume when you have just experienced stressed out. It may distort your decision.

Celebrity Fragrance

Elizabeth Taylor was the first to create the celebrity perfume, called White Diamonds, in 1988. Since then, many Hollywood celebrities have started their own signature fragrance.

Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition gives you “a burst of the inexplicable energy you feel during the summer, leaving you feeling great, ready to conquer anything, as if nothing and no one could ever resist you. Life is a flirt. Love is a game. The sky is your limit."

Kim Kardashian’s True Reflection : “A truly feminine, very well-balanced composition which is built of fruity, watery and floral notes.

Selena Gomez : “The scented embodiment of Selena herself : fresh and sweet with warmth from within.”

Choosing a perfume for yourself or someone else can be a tricky task. Some like it strong, some like it mild. The perfume you choose should ideally capture the essence of the person who put it on. Some basic things to consider are :

  • Personality of the person
  • Their favourite smells
  • Their preferences in food
  • Their favourite movie or music
  • Their lifestyle
  • Their career

Which Perfume Is for Which Character?

The Extrovert and Bold

If you are an extrovert or possess bold personalities, then you will find fresh, floral notes instant charm.

The Mysterious and Sensual

If you like to appear mysterious and sensual, then, oriental notes with intense traces will suit you.

Emotional and Young at Heart

If you are an emotional person or young at heart, powdered notes will be for you.

Optimistic Characters

If you are an optimistic person, or enjoy taking the lead in whatever you do, than floral-fruity fragrances maybe your preference.

Ambitious and Strong Character

Ambitious and strong character women may enjoy Chypre Perfumes.


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