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Ugly Ladies

Updated on September 19, 2017

Ugly! This word is one of the most used in our conversation. It is used to describe a person or a violent situation. It means unpleasant to look at or unattractive to the eyes. If that is the definition then why do some men call a woman ugly. Do they really exist? If you are a lady or woman you are beautiful because you attract men. Whether you are hunch backed, bow legged, blind or crippled,you have a magnet in you that will pull men to you. If you are tall, there are some men who are crazy for tall women. If you are short, fat or thin, there is a man out there in the world that you will attract because of these characteristics.

Some elderly ladies who are not attractive but have advanced in age, are reasonable, mature and have acquired a wealth of experience, some men would prefer them. Why? They believe they are good counselors and know the value of a good husband than the younger ladies. There are men who like young women because they can control them easily and are more reproductive. If you are rejected by one man because you are short or fat another man will be attracted to you. This means that all ladies are attractive, no ugly lady.

How to identify an ugly lady

  • She is frequently seen in night clubs, hotels etc.
  • they lack chastity
  • they are discontent and home-breakers
  • .haughtiness
  • pride

Ten years ago, I met a lady who had a hunchback. I was surprised that she had three handsome boys and a tall good looking husband. What a shock! There must be something in her that attracted her husband to marry her.

This example has answered the question - are you an ugly lady? No! A woman can make herself ugly if she lacks the virtues mentioned above. There is one special thing that GOD has put in you and that is just the reason why you are liked. If you say you are ugly, why do some men express their love for you. They come because you are beautiful and unique. Men want you because of that loveliness in you.

Note that you are ugly to the man that you are not meant for. The fake men that come like wolves in sheep clothing approach you for friendship because you have some of the beauties he sees in you and wants to steal something precious in you. He will not marry you because you have got some unattractive features. However, if you meet your real husband, the one GOD has sent to you, he will appreciate the beauty the fake man considered as ugly.

Men that discover your ugliness are not meant for you. They are not the real husband. You are not meant for them because they see your limitations easily. When you think you are ugly, you will become so both inside and outside. As I mentioned earlier, when you are a virtuous women in character you are the most beautiful of women.

It is a fact that beautiful ladies attract men very easily but men being men, once the beauty fades away, they chase the woman away and they look for the lady that possess the inner qualities and strength of character they desire. A woman that has a poor self-image about herself is ugly. Every lady on this earth that love and feel good about themselves are pleasant and fun to be with. Without a healthy self-image a woman will always have a feeling that she is ugly.


If you are a lady and not physically beautiful or pretty, you possess unique qualities that can magnetize you to a man. People can call you ugly but if you have the beauty of intellect, femininity,status, contentment, spirituality, maturity, adornment and diligence, then I say you are the most beautiful of all women.

What do you think makes a woman ugly?

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    • profile image

      Holly 4 years ago

      This is nice as I'm struggling to accept myself at moment. I feel that I'm waiting for someone to come along and validate my deepiest concerns I hold of myself.

      But then again, what gives someone the right to validate an opinion of myself, over myself.

      I can't win and I feel that I'm fighting a losing battle, when the only real thing I can learn to do is treat myself with more respect and alter my posionus self talk.

      It's like if a person is disabled in some shape or form, they can't change their disability they can only hope to change their way of thinking and how they veiw the world.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      No woman or human being for that matter is ugly. Our deeds make us beautiful or ugly. Well said!

    • moronkee profile image

      Moronke Oluwatoyin 4 years ago

      Thanks Au fait for reading. Actually in the African society, men are regarded as superior than women. There are ugly men who also face the same plight like the women and I think the same principle in my article, also applies to them.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      Ugly is as ugly does and this would apply equally to men.

      To suggest that any man has the right or qualification to stand in judgment of women, but not vice versa, is sexist. Sexism doesn't play well in the U.S., though we still have too many sexists among our population. This piece assumes that men are some how superior to women and that is simply not so.