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Does President Barack Obama Dye his Grey Hair?

Updated on September 3, 2011


Is Barack Obama dying his hair?

There has been some recent hype on whether or not President Obama dyes his hair, because in some pictures his hair looks more obviously grey then in others. When Barack has a newly cropped haircut you can't really see any of his grey hair, but as his hair gets longer the grey hair seems to show up more. This same situation is common among men that have darker hair and are turning grey. You really can't see the grey hair when it is short, but as the hair gets longer the grey hairs stand out more against the rest of the darker hair.

Surely during his campaign he had his hair cut more frequently as many politicians do in order to keep their look consistent during an election time. However, with the President's demanding job his hair is not his first priority and he might be letting it go another week or two before he gets his haircut.

Barack's barber says he does not dye his hair.

Zariff, Barack's barber of 17 years, insists that he does not color his hair and that Barak's hair is all natural. He claims that the amount of grey he has is dependent on how it is cut. Zariff's statement may sound a little strange, but their could be some truth to that.

Being a hairstylist myself, I can further explain.....

Short haircuts work out better for Barack, because as his hair gets longer the grey hair shows up more. Zariff is probably heavily texturizing or thinning his hair out, especially focusing on the grey areas. He could also be snipping a few grey hairs out one at a time. Zariff also trims down his frontal hairline and the sides of his head just over the ears very short and this is where the grey hair is mostly concentrated.

If Barack is hiding the fact that he dyes his hair, my guess is that he is using a semi-permanent color in his hair. It comes out very natural and washes out slowly with every shampoo. By the time he is ready for a haircut his color is all washed out, hence the grey.

A sitting president has to take a lot of heat and he is probably getting more grey hair just from all the stress.  It's no wonder considering all of his responsibilities.


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    • bride-pride profile image

      bride-pride 6 years ago from New York City

      He is already very good in original. Looks so tough already.