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Does Nerium Really Work?

Updated on November 24, 2014

Skepticism and Curiosity Leads to the Truth

I know what you're thinking. Of everything out there that's available, what makes this product so special and are the before and after pictures actually real?

Here's how I found out about this product. I work at a Lexus dealership and a girl came in explaining that she has a skin care business and is about to qualify for her Lexus bonus (the company pays $500 towards a Lexus 5 years or newer when you reach a certain level of success). She wanted to gain some excitement about the car so I spent a few hours with her showing her all of the features on a car that fit her family size, in her case it was the Lexus ES350.

We had lots of fun with it and we continued to talk about her skin care product business as well. I had never heard of Nerium before that. She showed me several before and after pictures on her phone, some from her specific family and friends, and some from the company. She went kind of fast but showed me many many pictures. Most of them looked like the same person with noticeable improvements in 30 days, again in 60, and also in 90 days. On some of the before and afters their faces were improved so drastically by using Nerium that they almost looked like a different person. The pictures didn't look edited which was a relief, but I could tell who didn't have the best cameras. There were other skin conditions, not just wrinkles, but the photos were impressive. Nonetheless, I needed more evidence...I always need more evidence.

I'm 34 and was comfortable in my own skin and lack of wrinkles compared to most women my age, so I thought why do I need Nerium, especially now? I have worn sunscreen ever since I started wearing make-up, so more than half of my life...which has contributed to my youthful face and skin by protecting me from sun damage. I also thought to myself, hmmmm, but if it really works as good as it appears to in these pictures this is a HUGE discovery and I know many people who want to look younger that I could tell about it. She offered to bring me some sample bottles for me to give it a try.

She stopped back by before I left work and dropped it off and told me the simple instructions for using it. She said the night cream is most important and that I can use the Day Cream if I want to but it only make a 36% difference in results. That put a wrinkle in my forehead when I heard that. I'm really not sure where she got that number from, but for sake of telling the story, it got my attention. So I thought, really?, that's a very BIG number for a skin care product. So I decided to only use the Night Cream just to see what it does alone. However, later after she left and we exchanged information I looked in the mirror closer and really took a close look at my skin. I proceeded to locate many starter wrinkles and many that are deeper, such as near my mouth, and on my forehead and neck. I have some small starter wrinkles/lines under my eyes on the top of my cheek, in sort of a criss-cross pattern. Suddenly, I was selling it to myself!

One thing that really got me was that she showed me pictures where under eye circles were lighter in the after pictures, because mine are pretty dark and I have to buy $70 concealer to be sort of happy with my under eyes. It is good concealer but wouldn't it be cool (I thought) if this could actually lighten those? That night I took my before picture as she strongly suggested because I won't see miracles in 7 days but will see differences if I take pictures in the same lighting and compare them after I have used it every night. When I friended her on Facebook I could see before and after pictures with amazing results that linked to actual Facebook accounts, and the before and afters matched the same individuals in the pictures. I was amazed...and quickly becoming very excited!

Great Before and After Pictures - Nerium AD

Nerium Before and After Pictures
Nerium Before and After Pictures | Source

Before and After Pictures Are Imperative

I did what she asked, I took a "Before" picture of my face and my neck in the same lighting I will take the "After" picture in. If this is REAL I don't want to have any reason to be skeptical of my own early results. So, do you want to know what happened? Well....I did some more research by looking it up in Google and found a few reviews on Nerium. I also noticed that the reviews that weren't positive or were just plain negative about Nerium had links or suggestions for other "competitors" products at the bottom of the text. So I wrote them off as "haters". Other than that I found a lot of positive information out there.

Come to find out when I get back to work my co-worker (who had been wanting to talk to me about something she thought I'd be great at) found out I had received sample bottles of Nerium so she started talking to me about it and advised me that Nerium is what she had been meaning to talk to me about. Come to find out she had been considering becoming a Brand Partner with the company for about a year now and just had never made the move. She told me she regrets not getting in sooner and she kept thinking that I would be a great Brand Partner and that my personality would cause me to be successful very quickly because I have such a passion and need to help people. Since she had been thinking about it for a year, she knew all about the company and the product so we spent quite a bit of time talking about it.

So, I thought to myself, it this stuff actually makes my skin look and feel better in 7 days then I want to see what it can do in 30 days, the science is based on 30 day results when the MORE noticeable changes start appearing. Okay, so I'm sure you want me to get to the point...but I wanted to give you a background on myself and how I discovered whether Nerium really works or not. I also previously had my own skin care business and made my own homemade Vitamin C Serum and sold it on eBay so I consider myself at least a slight expert compared to most on the understanding of skin care and age reversal. My serum works well and is very strong but I never expected something to come along that made a much bigger difference. My friend at work I was just telling you about said she used to spend about $250 a bottle on Lancome anti-aging cream and it only had a 3-5% result-and that result was based only on opinion, not real science.

Every night I cleaned my makeup off and put the Nerium AD Night Cream on my face. The first night I was impressed, my skin felt like it was tightening up while I laid there waiting to fall asleep. It really feels neat, unlike anything else. After seven nights of using it I took my after picture in the same light and could already see some differences, that's impressive. I don't expect miracles in 7 days but to see any differences was amazing. I noticed how soft and smooth the surface of my skin was (like a toddlers face), my skin tone was starting to look less red-ish, my face was more "glowy" and healthy looking, and I definitely noticed that my skin tone was more even all over my face.

Per the NeriumAD Product Introduction inside the box here's some samples of what it states to Read Before Using:

"NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment contains the highest concentrated amount of the NAE-8 antioxidant, a powerful proprietary protein blend, and vitamin E to help tighten the appearance of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and enlarged pores. It also works to address texture and tone issues in order to make the skin appear youthful."

"NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream includes a concentrated tripeptide blend, incorporated at clinical levels to give the appearance of smoother, tighter, and younger skin; vitamin C complex, which helps reduce the appearance of discoloration; green tea antioxidant, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration; and four high-functioning moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, for increased radiance and hydration."

I personally think they are playing it safe with an understatement since I have seen many pictures (attached to real people I know on Facebook) where this product addressed conditions they do not mention but since the company is categoried as "cosmetic" grade and not "medical" you are not allowed to speak of the other conditions if you work for the company as a Brand Partner, like I now do, which makes sense.

Growth Comparison Chart


Becoming a Preferred Nerium Customer

The second best part about this product (the first best part is that fact that it actually works and does what Nerium and their Scientific Board says it will do) is that you can actually get your product for free. Many Preferred Customers (PC's) end up getting their product free - just by finding three other people they know and love to sign up for delivery of the same items that they signed up for. You don't have to do anything special to be a Preferred Customer except sign up for monthly auto-delivery in the beginning. In order to get yours free (after you find three others to sign up for auto-delivery) you do have to be on the monthly auto-delivery, but until then your Brand Partner can change it to bi-monthly do save you some dollars. The trio of the three products is only $150 through auto-delivery. Retail is $260...a little more ouchy, but not really...not compared to many products out there that are near $260 EACH (or more) and aren't based on Real Science.

You can comment at the bottom to find out how to do this and get any other questions you have answered.

I would suggest signing up for the monthly auto delivery and using 4-5 pumps a night and if you end up with a little too much product at the end of the first few months, give it to your friends and have them try it, this product sells itself so tell and show them what it has done for you and then let them try it with any extra product you have leftover when your second set arrives. If you don't care about getting it for free and just want to have a product that works for an exceptional price you can become a Preferred Customer and can even do a bi-monthly delivery. Just make sure your Nerium advocate knows this so they can call customer service and make sure your account stays on bi-monthly auto-delivery every month.

I decided I want to make some money Part Time while telling people I know about it so I became a Brand Partner. The kit they send you if you become a Brand Partner (BP) is very impressive and gives you everything you need for your new business and to improve your own views on life and wealth as well. They included many CD's that I have listened to and the one with Jim Rohn is my favorite, but they are all provided by Nerium in your kit and worth way more than the cost of the entire kit with product. Lexus is wonderful so I'm not going anywhere but I saw this as an opportunity to get on the ground floor of a company that is growing very very rapidly and breaking all the records. Soon you could be making more on your part time job than your full time job or if you stay at home with the family you can change and improve your lifestyle a little or drastically, depends on what you put in it. You can even earn a Lexus $500 monthly bonus pretty quickly too if that appeals to you. I already drive a Lexus since I work for Lexus and love it, but I'll absolutely take another without complaining. Being a Brand Partner, they say "this is your own business, you are your own boss, and you can even pass this business down to your children!".

If you want to try it absolutely free for 5 days before doing the 30 day money back guarantee you can talk to someone you know who is a Nerium Brand Partner. Shipping of the sample bottles through a Nerium Brand Partner is on a first come, first served basis and I'm here for you if you want to comment about any questions you have below or contact me through my profile info. Keep in mind due to popularity there may be a waiting list so if you are interested in trying it, don't wait to let a Brand Partner know. If I don't know the answer to your question...I know someone who does. Why not try it, there's only one way to know for sure and the only thing you have to wrinkles and years.

My Results From Using the Day and Night Creams

The first changes I noticed in the pictures (which is why the pictures are so important) in order of what I noticed first are: the redness from my neck, face, and the V of my chest were almost gone (and I didn't even know I had redness), my T-zone was all the same color and not pink and red and splotchy anymore, the very small fine lines were gone in a few places and it looked like the deeper wrinkles were starting to soften (didn't look as deep or as long to me when comparing the pictures).

That's quite a bit of progress for 7 days even if it hadn't made some of my tiny fine lines disappear. I was feeling pretty confident about the product at this point and I thought if it can do all of this in such a short amount of time, I wonder what I will look like in 30 days and I started to wonder how much money I could make part time just helping people look younger. They also have a firm cream called NeriumFirm so I was also really curious about that. I was pretty happy in those areas but have been starting to see some deeper more noticeable dimpling in my upper thighs last summer and I don't like it!! You would use it for areas on the body such as your belly, thighs, arms etc. I have since seen some very impressive before and after pictures for NeriumFirm results.

I am nearing my 30 days using NeriumAD Night Cream, the last 7 days I added the Day Cream to my regimen. The deeper lines on my forehead are starting to dissappear and my eyes have been given a lift from the skin tightening around them. I used to struggle putting eyebrow color on (without makeup my eye brows are so blonde that there is no contrast so I color them in and shape them with the brush I use to apply the color) and now my left eyebrow isn't a weird shape strange...but I sure was happy the first day I discovered that happened.

Keep in mind you may view your results in a different way because your face is different than mine, but that's what happened in my case because that's what I noticed while applying make-up. When I look in the mirror now, I'm just astonished, so much happier with how my face looks. I am pretty close to being comfortable not wearing foundation, just a lotion with a high spf over my Day Cream. I like the Nuance Day cream because it moisturizers well all day and has a high spf, I think its spf 28 or 30, and it's only about $15 at CVS if I remember right. I could go without it and just use the day cream and be happy but I really want to keep using an spf because that's what I'm used to.

So what I'm telling you through my individual story is that it does work, it worked on me, and I see proof all over Facebook. Many of my new Facebook friends or Brand Partners or family of Brand Partners. I have a News Feed full of Before and Afters and I can connect those to real people so I know they are not fake and I know they were not edited. It truly is amazing and Nerium does not advertise in any other way other than through word of mouth, which is the most trusted. This company focuses on making people feel better, not just look better, they have a real passion for enriching the lives and wealth of others.

Stay tuned because my own 30 days results will be on here soon, ugh, how embarrassing...but I absolutely love this product so really think about it before you try's absolutely addicting. No matter what you decide to do or how you do it, I would at least give it a try to see what your results are in 30 days.


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