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Does Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti wrinkle cream really work?

Updated on March 3, 2012

Olay 7-in1 total effects

Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti wrinkle cream
Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti wrinkle cream

Olay Total Effects Anti wrinkle cream

The most dreadful thing to even think off for most women in this world is aging and signs of wrinkles on the face. While no one can overcome this concern, the best possible thing one can do is to prevent wrinkles and prolong aging procedures to some extent. There are many beauty products available in the market which work on your face to combat wrinkles and give your face the shine and glow it needs. Olay total effects is one of the best anti aging products that work. It is gaining popularity in recent times with its effective results and efficient performance when compared with other anti aging and wrinkle free products.

I have used a couple of anti aging and wrinkle free products but did not get the needed results until I found Olay total effects 7-in 1 anti aging daily moisturizer. Though there are other good anti aging products that work, Olay total effects is within my budget and within many others’ budget I suppose. Within 2 weeks of using this cream, I could see a great difference in my face. Olay total effects cream really cleared the dead cells and black portions on my face and enhanced its glow.

Issues with Olay anti wrinkle cream

I have seen people who were complaining that the cream is greasy and makes you feel uncomfortable. I did not experience any greasiness with it. It may be because I apply a smaller quantity of it every day. However, if it is greasy you can apply it during the night time and allow it to work inside your skin while you are sleeping. In fact, it is recommended to use this cream during the night time for more effective results.

Olay claims that this product will take care of your every skin care need, right from cleansing to moisturizing, nourishing to refreshing your skin. This cream penetrates deep into your skin to effectively fight wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin cells to glow shiner. Seven signs of aging which include sagging skin, dark spots, lines & wrinkles, patchy skin, dull and glow less skin, open pores and dry skin can be efficiently treated with one single product. Coming to the price, Olay total effects 7-in1 anti aging cream is cost effective and can be easily affordable by most women.

One of my friends recommended performing exfoliation with natural exfoliation items like plain oats. A paste made of plain oats mixed with rose water is to be applied on to your face for 15 minutes. Rinsing it off and then applying Olay total effects cream gives more desired results. I haven’t tried this though. However, I am happy with the way I am using this product and it is working fine. I believe Olay Total effects 7-in 1 anti aging cream is one of the best anti aging products that work to remove dark spots and enhance the glow of your skin in an efficient manner.


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