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True Beauty lies within the inner soul.

Updated on May 25, 2016

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye’– Miss Piggy, The Muppets.

So, is there a truth in what miss Piggy believes in? Some people would think of something contrast to define ‘beauty’. There can be thousand and one and many more definitions for the word ‘ beauty’ and each carrying numerous ideas and perceptions. Describing the beauty of something has always been comparative, and may vary a lot from person to person.

According the blacks and whites, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Basically it is all about the way of perception. There is a beauty in softness, flawlessness, and perfection as well as in ugliness, sadness , loneliness and imperfection. It is a concept that has magically pierced the minds of poets, photographers, artists and musicians, over centuries.

We, humans always tend to judge a book by its cover. Even though it is unwise, our mind’s eye always comes to fast assumptions over the first impression, mainly focusing on the physical appearance, which becomes our Achillis heel throughout the relationship with the particular person. In the overhauled fast moving world, just like everything else, beauty costs a lot. More is the time it takes for a person to get pinched, enhanced and plucked, naturally than the time it is taken to get a pearl facial and a jojoba hair oil treatment done, spending some rupees, and soothe the body to become a symbol of beauty.

However, the fevered race we are running to erase wrinkles and freckles, is never achievable because it is not possible to slowdown the inevitable progression of nature. Life is always demanding more than what we can give it. Life has many expectations more than we can ever dream of. But, it doesn’t mean that we should give up and keep our desires hidden. Every car needs a new paint, polish and shine, once in a while, but the true beauty comes from deep within the chassis. Heart is missing in our lives and we should try to get it back, because mind’s eye need a companionship with the heart to sort out the meaning of real beauty which lies skin deep.

Look at a mind blowing water fall, look at a free flying bird, look at a beautiful flower. smile, appreciate, relax and enjoy it. Nature has always been fair enough to give the maximum beauty to things it created. Now,Look at yourself in a mirror and admire yourself in the same way. True beauty is not reflected through the mirrors. But if you believe in magic, you will see the beauty of your own heart though the mirror. Remember,Meanwhile,You may hear voices arising from your inner soul. These voices rarely speak the truth, because in this rat race we are running under the sun, at present,the heart may sometimes escape from us, failing to keep the pace, we are dealing with. So,those voices are merely the echoes of insecurity,and the laments of the mind to get the heart back. Nature never does mistakes. Beauty is to be free and to act naturally.That is what the nature teaches us.

After all internal beauty gives you a lifelong acceptance and respect, more than the external beauty which will someday fade into mist.

So, be happy. Be a person who is kind and fun to be around. Wear a smile whenever you can. A smile has an amazing power to make other people feel good about you,and that you are glamorous. It is not expensive like all the other antioxidants and bleaching creams, which helps in enhancing the superficial beauty. It’s heartwarming and has the power to cheer up others instantly like a spring,bouncing upwards,which will make them feel the beauty pouring from your inner skin.Because beauty is all about perception and attitude. Let your inner beauty make lasting and a glorious impact on the lives it touches,in every second passing.

On a concluding thought, the whole purpose of life is the happiness and serving. Real beauty is reflected in your personality but not through the external appearance. There are cosmetics and colors to dress up your external beauty and disguise yourself but there are no cosmetics to dress up your inner beauty because it has nothing to hide. It totally depends on your character and personality.

Let's see what Michelle Phan wants to say!!!

Does inner beauty matter at all?

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© 2016 da Rebellious Rose


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    • Maaya e profile image

      da Rebellious Rose 18 months ago

      Yes exactly! Taking risks is all what you do in your entire life. You never know what gifts, life is wrapping for you. So let us reveal the true essence of beauty, and face the life, enthusiastically!! :)

    • profile image

      Helajith 18 months ago

      Yes the things you do and the thoughts you think, like you said they can be good or bad, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly, but that is what you are that is what polishes your personality and built up who you are and that is your true beauty. Gaining new experience wether they are comforting or not is part of finding your life. Take risks go beyond the limits , it'll help to find us our selves and our inner beauty :)

      Nice article