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Don't Read This if You Hate Leather Jackets

Updated on March 14, 2010

Leather jackets earned their good reputation as a protective piece of clothing and as a design element, but those are not the only factors that led to their popularity. With their close fit and almost perfect heat insulation bikers and inhabitants of a colder environment use them alike. This article will tell you if they worth their relatively higher price or something else would be a better choice.

Hollywood has put its signature on leather jackets and when we think about them the first thing to pop in mind is the reckless biker who plays by no one else's rule but his. It has not always been like that.

As soon as early 1910s air force pilots used these tight jackets for their good protective attributes, German mariners put them into good use against all kinds of weather conditions during the second world war too. For the first part of the century leather jackets were made almost exclusively for military use and the figure of the bad boy they radiate probably comes from the image of the toughest air force pilots

Leather Jacket by Idhren
Leather Jacket by Idhren

They're still not only fashion items - a way to express masculinity - but very welcome to people who have to stand cold winds every day. Bikers especially like them for their exceptional good wind resistance and in winter countries thick linen is often sewn right to the inside of the leather. There are longer and shorter cut versions but they are common in that they protect their user from wind and cold, and some minor injuries as well.

When picking and trying a leather jacket you have to be aware of the break in factor. If you try a jacket then you will need to know that if it feels stiff and hard to move in, in a few weeks time it will become softer and better fit.

It's probably still not a good idea to buy a one size bigger jacket, because the best protection is only given by the model that follows your silhouette the best. For example a sloppier model will let in wind and that would defeat the whole purpose of a good leather jacket, but one size too small will make the wearer unable to move their hands and will feel uncomfortable too.

These coats and jackets have been one of the most expensive piece of clothing men bought for themselves, but since early 20th century nothing said true masculinity about its wearer better than a well picked, fitting leather jacket.

Picture used is taken by Idhren


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      Joe Paterno 6 years ago

      I am so sick of these stupid a$$ posers trying to give others fashion advice.