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Drag Queen Fashion

Updated on January 20, 2009

Drag Queen

(So, I'm going to cover this topic gracefully and with sensitivity... So, no nasty comments in the "Comment Box." Got it people?)

A man who dresses up in traditional Western woman's wear and wears make- up is considered a drag queen. These men may dress up because (1) they are performing or entertaining in front of an audience, (2) just like woman's clothing and make- up, or (3) they feel as though they should have been a woman instead of a man and just feel more comfortable in woman's apparel

Drag Queens are sometimes intermingled with the term "transvestite," which actually has a different connotation. "Drag queen" tends to refer to gay men who like to cross- dress in women's clothing and accessories for entertainment without actually attempting to pass as the opposite gender.(I.E. Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in the movie Too Wong Foo...) Transvestites aren't normally as flamboyant or "loud" with their clothing and accessories, and are usually straight.

People who are considered drag queens are not necessarily homosexual or transgender. I mean, yea, sometimes that is the case, but not always. Take Eddie Izzard, for one; he's a straight man who just likes the look of traditional woman's clothing and the feel of make- up. In reality, he is considered more of a transvestite than a drag queen, despite what some people may think about him.

The technicality behind the term" drag queen" is actually fairly simple, and it's not as crude as the term sounds. The term "drag" actually is a sub-set English slang word that was popular amongst the gay and homosexual community in the early 20th century.

The term, "drag", means nothing more than "clothes;" it's, also, been used as theater slang, referring to the female costumes that men wore. Now, the "queen" just refers to a trait that affects the royalty that is found in many drag characters.

Drag queens are criticized widely amongst the lesbian, gay, bi- sexual, and heterosexual communities. But, in regards to the homosexual and bi- sexual communities, they tend to criticize them for making appearances at pride parades and other public gay events because they feel that it portrays a bad image upon the homosexual crowd and impedes social acceptance.

But, anyway, enough of my rambling on... Here's for the drag queen dress show And no, that's not intended to come across as rude or demeaning in any manner; I just want to show a few pictures that I found of wonderful Drag Queens.

Drag Queen Outfits

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Transforming into a Queen


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    • profile image

      phyllis 7 years ago

      very informative. I am a mature DQ. Like dressing in black leather, wearing high boots and of course a riding crop.

    • ume blossom profile image

      ume blossom 8 years ago from Timisoara, Romania

      very good article; I am one of those DQs :) but I prefer eastern clothing a whole lot better, because, to me, they just look more feminine.

    • profile image

      jame 8 years ago

      That was a very good clip ty very much