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Dragon Amulets

Updated on December 24, 2010

History of Dragons

There are actually two distinct cultural histories for dragons, one based in the Orient and the other in Europe. These mythologies developed independently, although each had a mild influence on other.

In Europe, the dragon was typically drawn as a lizard with bat like wings, however the word is derived from the root word for snake (draco). The name was generally associated with evil and the words "dragon, serpent and devil" were often used interchangeably. In the bible the devil is often referred to as a dragon. Early firearms were called dragons, due to their spitting out fire when discharged.

In the Orient, the dragon was snakelike and represented primal forces. Dragons were depicted as having magic powers, including the ability to take on human form. Dragons were associated with positive energies and associated with wisdom and longevity. The five clawed dragon was the symbol of Chinese emperors.

In modern times, dragons have been represented in many books and movies. They have been represented as both evil and good. The four most popular movies about or with dragons are:

  • How to Train your Dragon - animated fantasy with various dragons
  • Dragonheart - Good dragon story with a moral dilemma
  • Eragon - Excellent story involving a dragon - somewhat gothic
  • Dragonslayer - Story where hero battles against a dragon
  • Spirited Away - Girl in spirit world is helped by a dragon named Haku

Dragon Jewelry

If you don't believe in the efficacy of magic then it probably makes no difference to you what substance your dragon jewelry is made of or how it is built or even where it is worn. For me, however, I believe in the "Law of Attraction" and that some jewelry can have a limited effect even if it is only done through our subconscious mind.

For the best effect, your dragon jewelry should be made of silver or green jade. Gold, platinum or precious stones are also acceptable. Lead is worst material for any jewelry, as it is considered to be a mystically dead metal. Hand made jewelry is also slightly better than machine made jewelry as the artist puts some of his own life force energy into the carving. Best of all is making your own jewelry as this also tunes the jewelry to you or someone you know.

The most effective jewelry is the amulet. Wear it for protection, wisdom, longevity and good health. Other forms of dragon jewelry are necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets. These secondary forms of jewelry are worn mainly for decoration. You can also get a dragon tattoo, in which case the bigger and more skilled the artist, then the greater the magical effect. Dragon tattoos are mainly for protection against physical or magical harm.


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