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Drawstring Bags | Feminine Fashion Goes RPG

Updated on August 11, 2010

Oh fashion, how I love thee. I especially love thee when you do something quirky, like decide that drawstring bags are totally hot and exceptionally in right now.

Fashion Magazine is reporting that the top trend for Fall 2010 is the 70's inspired drawstring bag. Now we know that the 70's are coming back into style because we've been reading along and we read this other article I already wrote about the fact that the 70's are coming back into style.

I think that this trend of drawstring bags goes much deeper than mere 70's inspired homage however, especially if we look at drawstring bags like this leather looking one from Kooba (only $365 what a steal), which, quite frankly, remind me of the bags you see in role playing games and massive multiplayer online role playing games, like World of Warcraft.

The fact that this bag from Kooba costs a whole 365 gold means that it probably has at least 26 slots. If you no longer know what I'm talking about, suffice to say, you'll be able to fit a great deal of poisoned fangs, briarthorn and small eggs into this thing. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, keep reading, it's sure to make sense eventually, or alternatively, end and put you out of your misery that way.

Now from a practical, real world pov, a drawstring bag is probably just as practical as any other little bag you'd tote about the place. Probably not great for the commute to work, but perfect for going out to a bar or club afterward and carrying your cash, cards, make up and iphone. (If you do have an iphone, do us all a favor and edit that 'Sent to you from my iphone' message, if you can. Change it to something a little less ostensibly pretentious and whimsical, like 'Sent to you from a place of eternal love and light' or, 'Sent to you from the back of my flying steed', anything other than turning your emails into marketing for Apple, haven't you paid them enough already?)

So, simply put, drawstring bags are perfect for the stylish lady about town, the hardcore raider, or the woman who only has a few items but hasn't been blessed with an outfit in which the pockets work. Drawstring bags are back to the future baby, pick them up from a local retailer or auction house.


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