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Dreadlocks Removal Before and After- Healthy Locs Take Down Service

Updated on April 1, 2012

Summary- Decided to Take Down Your Locs?

A decision to take down your locs is often fraught with a lot of stress. So read up on the following information. A lot of thought was used to write this useful information based on Clients questions, and professional experience. It will greatly assist you to make sure you have made the right decision. Happy decision making!

Demystification- You Do Not Have To Cut Your Dreadlocks

Locs are gorgeous- neat, or untidy, the different states in which they can be worn make dreadlocks a very easy style to wear.  However, when you need to change up your hair, it is not necessary to start all over again by cutting off all your locs, looking like a tomboy, then slowly growing your hair back.  Growing pains is not for everyone.  In this fast food nation we love fast styles- imagine having dreadlocks one day, then in a couple of days being seen with free flowing hair.  How amazing is that?

Dreadlocks Removal Before and After- Healthy Locs Take Down Service

So What is The Process of Dreadlocks Removal?

So what is the process of taking down your dreadlocks? Don't get stuck paying more than you have to, so count your dreadlocks, and write the number down.

Next, drape your dreadlocks around your face, and determine the length you would prefer. If for the love of long locks you want to retain the entire length- ahhhhemm! Also, if you are emotionally attached to all of your hair, that's ok, it is understandable- it's more than just a part of you. For centuries a woman's hair has defined who she is in the public eye. Simply measure the lengths of the longest locs. Write them down. Do the same for the shorter ones. Add the longest and shorter ones together, then average them out.

Or, even better, and to make it easier on you, just measure the shortest ones. All the rest of the dreadlocks will be cut to that length.

Next, contact someone that does dreadlocks take down and ask about their process. Also ask if there will be a lot of damage with the process they use. Some dreadlocks take down services take less time than others. Some have techniques that don't make you lose "bags and bags of hair", as feared by dreadlocks wearers who are ready for a take down.

Dreadlocks Removal- Yes, You Can Save Your Dreadlocked Hair

You've earned those years of growth- you've got it, so flaunt your length!
You've earned those years of growth- you've got it, so flaunt your length! | Source

Before You Braid Black Hair- Taking Care of Your Natural Hair

After removing your dreadlocks, your dreadlocks removal person should be able to instruct you in the care of your natural hair, even some styles that look great with natural hair.  Your hair will be so springy, elastic, and beautifully coily.  When you pull on your natural hair, is should extend almost to double its length, sometimes more, depending on your hair type.  So have fun, relax, you will be in good hands.

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