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Dress to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Updated on July 24, 2018
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

During the summertime, the weather is extremely hot in most places. With a little planning, people can wear something comfortable and beautiful and stay cool when it is very hot.

They can also stay fashionable while dressing to stay cool.

Dress in Layers

You can stay cool by dressing in layers. That might sound like a winter tip, but it also works for summer dressing as well. Dress in light layers so you can easily go from the hot heat of summer to an air-conditioned room, office, or restaurant. Wear a thin cotton cardigan or a lightweight blazer over a button-up shirt.

Wear Special Colors

Are you aware that some colors are more appropriate for the winter and there are some colors that are more appropriate for summer wear? People tend to wear dark colors in the winter and light colors in the summer.

Light colors like white, beige, and pastels are ideal for summer wear. Other clothes are fashionable and cool if they are pale instead of being a deep dark color. You can wear light blue, light pink, light yellow and light green in the summer. In fact, you can wear almost any color as long as it is pale.

Go Casual

Casual wear is often cooler than dressy wear. Whenever it is acceptable, choose to go casual. Both men and women can wear knee-length shorts with sandals or canvas shoes.

Women can wear sundresses with sandals. They can also wear loose fitting tops with skirts. Of course, it depends on their office policies.

When You Should Dress Up

Some offices have a relaxed atmosphere during the summer. Still, others require you to dress up at work.

Men can wear lightweight suits in light colors such as beige and white. They can wear a nice cool looking and feeling shirt for those times when they take their coat off in the office.

Women can wear crispy blouses with pants or skirts. They can also wear sleeveless dresses with a short jacket or sweater over them in an air-conditioned office.

When you are not working or going to someplace where there is a dress code, people can be more relaxed with their fashions. Plan accordingly when going on vacation. The weather where you are going might not be the same as what it is at your home. Check the weather before packing clothes for yourself and your family.

If you will spend a lot of time on the beach, remember to take comfortable shorts and tops to wear during the day. Some restaurants require a dress code if you are dining out in the evening.

With so many choices, there is no need to wear clothes that will cause you to sweat and be uncomfortable. Therefore, plan your wardrobe to keep cool as you enjoy your summer.

Keep Cool with These Tips

  • Some women like to wear pants all year long. However, dresses and skirts are much cooler than pants. That's because they allow air to circulate to the body.
  • Light color clothing reflects sunlight.
  • Cotton is breathable which keeps sweat away from the body. Synthetic fabrics constrict airflow and keep heat close to the skin. Wearing something silk is a bad choice.
  • Wear patterns and florals instead of solids if you think you will sweat and leave wet spots on your clothes.
  • Women can put their pantyhose and stockings away during the summer. They know bare legs are cooler than those that are covered with silk stockings.
  • Wear sandals and open toe shoes so you can let your feet breathe.

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