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Learn How to Identify and Remove Allergic Skin Irritant Triggers Naturally

Updated on February 15, 2018

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome - An Odd Way To Keep Your Scalp & Face Moist But Effective

 I was desperate on a walk in the Nevada desert to protect my skin from sun burn.  No chap stick, no problem.  Create your own shade.
I was desperate on a walk in the Nevada desert to protect my skin from sun burn. No chap stick, no problem. Create your own shade. | Source

Environment and Immune System Connection

If you have flaky dry skin and scalp you’ve likely been told you have seborrhea by a dermatologist. Although your immune system may have something to do with a skin irritant condition, the trigger may well have to do with lifestyle and environment. For instance the skin condition may be connected and activated by something consumed, absorbed or inhaled.

Seborrhea can present itself as dandruff, thick oily, or dry skin on the scalp, armpits, face, or red patches under the breasts. Even though the skin appears dry, it is also oily at the same time. Most moisturizing creams on the market will only make the dry scales redder and more irritable, usually only smoothing out the scaly disorder. It is worth pointing out, this form of skin inflammation (dermatitis) is often misdiagnosed as Seborreah Dermatitis when in fact the irritation to the skin is caused from toxicity issues in the body.

Dandruff is a form of seborrhea dermatitis that results from neither too little moisture, nor too much oil. The cause of this type of skin dermatitis is unknown. The positive news on this, dermatologists do have medication for this condition that work extremely well. In severe skin irritation cases, the benefits out weight the risks of medication use. There are many types of skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema where the cause is unknown. But it is suspected these conditions are linked to an overactive response by the body's immune system to an environmental irritant.

Now I’ll provide a few personal examples of how environment can trigger an uncomfortable skin condition.

I once consulted a client that worked within the construction industry. He had what appeared to be dry flaky and itchy skin on various parts of his body. His doctor first diagnosed him with heat rash, than hives and at one point thought shingles before referring to a dermatologist. Before seeing the dermatologist the primary care physician would prescribe Benadryl and anti-itch cream.

The skin irritant trigger all along was a heavy detergent used to wash his clothes and cap. That’s right he had a severe reaction to the chemicals his clothes were laundered in. And those reactions were more severe while perspiring in them all day long. The medications pumped down his throat to keep itching at bay also had an unwanted drowsy side effect.

I had another client I worked with who had bad skin reactions to something she was consuming. During medical history consultation and while I was developing a customized fitness program for her, she talked about a two year ordeal. I also witnessed when her face would get blotchy with red spots, dry up and then flake. After doing a nutrition assessment that trigger was identified. She was allergic to the sulfates in red wine. Although she drank infrequently it had more to do with the quality of the wine than how much she drank.

Environment may also be the cause of poor hair and nail conditions. What nutrients are your body lacking, what is it sensitive to and/or what toxin is your body now reacting with? If you are having severe skin irritant symptoms see a physician immediately to treat the symptoms. Thereafter, start looking at your diet, or your environment to determine what might be causing the symptomatic reactions.

Now imagine all the external environmental possibilities of things that could cause a skin irritant condition where the immune system is unable to defend against it for whatever reason.

Could IBS and Lack of Good Bacteria in Your System be Causing Your Skin, Hair, Nail Poor Health Condition? Absolutely!

Toxins in Your House Hold Products Responsible for Your Dry, Flakey Skin, Also Poor Hair and Nail Conditions

To determine what might be the cause of your skin condition change to more organic consumer products.

For example, try removing hygiene, toxic laundry, home cleaning and highly processed food products with high concentrates of toxic and food chemicals in them. Go as organic as possible.

Make a list of consumables you suspect your body may be allergic to with the help of medical advisement if necessary. Then through time, you may be able to isolate and remove what triggers severe skin and unhealthy hair and nail conditions.

I've also provided two videos that talk about healthy intestinal absorption and household toxin effect on internal body environment to assist you in your search to treat and remove unhealthy consumer products. Then relieve unwanted and unhealthy skin irritant symptoms.

My contention is, "why manage a condition unnaturally when natural consumer solutions may provide a silver bullet solution for you?" I've found as I age, healthy lifestyle must also include daily exercise activity [to assist in cleansing the body], natural medicine cabinet, clean green products, more organic foods with high nutrient values and a daily mineral and vitamin supplement.

By living a healthy lifestyle within a nontoxic home environment you sustain a more efficient metabolism, immune and circulatory system at any age. This provides your body the ability to better remove environmental toxins and sustain healthy immune system which bode well for healthy skin, hair and nail condition.

© 2008 Marc Woodard


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