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Gorgeous Earring Trees - Use Them as Earring Organizers

Updated on April 28, 2014

How are earring trees useful?

  • You can see all earrings at a glance; pick out your desired earrings faster
  • Stylish décor item; they will enhance your dressing table as opposed to boxes
  • Most earring holders can be used to accommodate other jewelry pieces too like bracelets, rings and necklaces
  • Jewelry pieces have more tendency to get tangled up with other items when they are placed in a box. With an earring or jewelry tree stand, jewelry is kept in a clutter-free way thereby preventing them from breaking off or losing their beads or sequences; extends longevity of your earrings; this also is cost effective as you do not have to keep replacing damaged jewelry pieces with new similar ones

Why use earring trees?

I never realized how useful earring trees can be until I got one for myself. I have boxes and boxes of earrings and finding the commonly used ones (you know those earrings which go with any type of outfit) used to be a daunting task. I would dig into box after box trying to find out where I placed that particular white piece or a black piece which would eventually drive me insane. I happened to see an earring tree in a nearby jewelry store. At first glance, I was simply attracted to the beautiful design -- little birds perched on a gorgeous gold toned tree. On further analysis, I realized this is a pretty neat way to organize your earrings together. Furthermore, they can be easily accessed because the earrings are not cluttered together and are placed conveniently on each branch of the tree. You can quickly get your hands on that earring piece you are on the lookout for.

This page will showcase some gorgeous looking earring trees which you can feast your eyes on or if needed you can also take that extra step and purchase them off online. I have placed my earring tree holder in my bedroom on my desk and it looks like a gorgeous décor item all by itself with all my chandelier earrings gracefully propped on it.

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Bronze jewelry / earring tree
Bronze jewelry / earring tree

Bronze Jewelry Tree

The jewelry tree shown above can not only accommodate earrings but necklaces and bracelets as well. The idea is simple - you place the earrings in the small holes provided on each of the leaves, and the necklaces and bracelets can be organized on the branches. Totally it can accommodate around 48 pair of earrings. The one I own does not have these small holes so I have to keep them on the branches itself which is why I feel this is a much better option if you are a jewelry person. You can neatly place your jewelry pieces and not just earrings on this bronze toned tree. The wired bird nest is most suitable for small items like rings or studs. No plans of using it as a jewelry stand? Then use it as a décor item instead. Doesn't it look good enough for that?

Heart shaped earring stand
Heart shaped earring stand

Heart Shaped Earring Holder Tree with Roses

One of my favorites, an earring holder tree that is stylish and functional. In case you put an earring pair into the same hole, the stand has the capacity to hold an astounding 70 pair of earrings. A must have for those who are earring junkies (like yours truly). With the roses and heart included, the item has a whole Disney fairy tale feel to it.

Bird cage earring tree
Bird cage earring tree

Beautiful Birdcage Earring Tree

Who would have thought such a beautiful looking piece can serve such a wonderful purpose too? A differently styled earring holder, this one is a cut above the rest. Not only would this look great on your dressing table but you can hang around 72 pairs of earrings on it. You can also hang other small pieces of jewelry like rings, bracelets. A highlight of this bird cage earring rack is its 360 degree spinning capabilities; turn around your earring tree perfectly. A piece which can be used just as a décor item or for its functional capabilities. Love it!

Black finish metal earring rack
Black finish metal earring rack

Sculpted Tree Earring Organizer

Each branch of this beautiful sculpted tree in black finish is designed to hold small jewelry items like earrings, bracelets, rings. The base is wood and provides a sturdy support to the metal tree. The tray at the base can also support other larger items like watches, necklaces. Each of the leaves have holes in them for holding earrings. Another good looking earring organizer which I like that can be used as a décor piece as well. I particularly like the tray at the bottom which I would mostly use for storing my watches or keys.

How to make a simple earring holder

Cat shaped earring holder
Cat shaped earring holder

Cat Shaped Earring Organizer

This metal coated earring organizer is meant for all those kitty fans out there! Arrange your earrings in the hole provided, and you can organize around 60 pairs of earrings provided you put each pair in a single hole. The cat shaped earring holder is made up of rust proof material so you don't have to worry about it fading away with time. An extremely cute piece which would make a great gift to that lady friend of yours who loves cats.


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    • divacratus profile image

      Kalpana Iyer 4 years ago from India

      Glad you liked the hub Natalie :) Yeah even I have an earring tree with lil birds perched on them. It's so cute which is why I got this idea to create a hub around it. Thanks for taking the time out to comment dear.

    • nataliemarie71 profile image

      nataliemarie71 4 years ago from Orlando Fl

      Hi Divacatus,

      I love this hub! I have an earring tree, but mine is circular with butterflies. I love it. I also bought a necklace tree which was shaped like a fashion doll with a gown. They are really pretty :)