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Earth Shoes for Men

Updated on April 30, 2012

Toning Shoes for Men

Earth shoes for men are more than just toning shoes. Earth shoes offer a wide range of wellness benefits for a new healthy lifestyle. A simple change of footwear can make all the difference to personal well being, helping to ease aches and pains, give you more energy and get you fitter and firmer, faster.

A wide range of styles from smart to casual, and for working out and relaxing will ensure you can have the full Earth footwear benefits 24/7

Kalso Negative Heel Technology
Kalso Negative Heel Technology
How Earth shoes benefit the body
How Earth shoes benefit the body

How Earth Shoes for Men Improve Well Being

Earth shoes feature three components to ensure great foot health and comfort. When walking in Earth shoes, the posture is corrected, the muscles throughout the lower body get a  thorough workout and toning is greatly enhanced. Earth shoes will help you to burn calories up to 4 times faster than standard shoes, and are perfect to help shift that spare tyre.

3.7º Negative Heel

The main component of Earth shoes is the Kalso Negative Heel. Positioned 3.7º lower in the heel than the forefoot, you have no choice but to stand up straight. The body weight is repositioned, and the rest of the body falls into line, with the shoulders rolling back, the spine straightened. Posture corrected. Job done.

The benefits of posture correction should not be underestimated, nor the extent to which many men’s posture is out of kilter. It is surprising how much better you feel when you stand or walk in Earth shoes. Breathing becomes easier, the muscles get a better workout, and tension in the back , neck and shoulders is eased. All of that comes with only a 3.7º degree change in heel position.

BioFoam Cushioning

With all the weight on the heels, some may think that walking would be uncomfortable, and would send jarring shock waves through the body, as the heel takes the brunt of the strike force. However with Earth shoes, their specially formulated BioFoam takes the shock waves out of the equation. The BioFoam layer moulds to the shape of the feet to give a highly comfortable and personal fit, whilst providing excellent shock absorption to take the sting out of walking.

Anatomical Arch Support

When the heel is placed lower than the forefoot, the arches of the feet require additional support. Earth shoes feature an ergonomically shaped insert to give the required support and helps to create a natural, smooth motion throughout the walking gait.

Earth Shoes Mens Range

Earth shoes for men offer the widest range of toning and wellness footwear of any of the toning shoes brands. It is the wide choice which makes Earth shoes for men such as popular choice. 

Whilst many toning shoes never quite lose the toning shoes look, if you want a full day’s posture correction, comfort and a toning session without looking out of place, you will struggle to find better styles than Earth shoes. 

Vegan shoe feature strongly in the men’s Earth shoes range, perfectly in keeping with Earth’s commitment to the environment. The company is committed to green causes, and uses recycled materials in the shoes, 100% recycled packaging, and this year's styles feature Earth first 100% biodegradable sole.

All of the above sneakers are part of an extensive range of Earth Vegan shoes, and are constructed entirely from synthetics
All of the above sneakers are part of an extensive range of Earth Vegan shoes, and are constructed entirely from synthetics

Earth Sneakers

Looking at the Earth Sneakers range, you wouldn’t think that the shoes are anything other than great looking sneakers. Even when you try them on, no-one would know that you are burning more calories, toning faster, and correcting your posture.

One of the best things about Earth sneakers is the versatility they offer, which is in stark contrast to most toning shoes on the market. Whereas many toning technologies require modifications to the design to survive a pounding on the treadmill or a high impact workout, with Earth Sneakers you put them on and you are good to go, no matter what activity takes your fancy.

Whilst the design of Earth sneakers is flexible, the designs are quite varied. To get the most out of exercise or downtime, Earth have tweaked their design to give the maximum comfort, support and wellness benefits. The Laser-K is ideal for walking, the Rocket-K and Kinetic K for running, and the Rebound-K and Retrain-K for after sports wear. However, if you ever feel the need to break into a run, unlike many toning shoes, you wont have to worry about stability issues with the design.

Just a small selection of the great Mens Earth Casual shoes
Just a small selection of the great Mens Earth Casual shoes

Earth Casual Shoes

No matter what the weather has in store, or where your path takes you, you can be sure Earth have a range of footwear to suit. The extensive range of styles and colours will keep you looking at your best whilst you work your muscles and crank up the calorie burning.

Lace up canvas Oxford shoes, leather and suede slip-ons, loafers and a wide range of smart casual styles ensure that no matter what you wear, you will look at your best.

Posture correction for more formal occasions
Posture correction for more formal occasions

Earth Dress Shoes

Perfect for an evening out or a day at the office, Earth dress shoes look fantastic with a suit, and great with smart trousers. If you want to get health and toning benefits in the workplace, you will find few brands of toning shoes which can pass for standard work shoes, but that's not the case with Earth shoes.

Earth dress hoes are designed for smartness, but there is no compromise on comfort. A padded heel and collar prevent abrasions, a leather lining is comfortable on the feet, and the insole helps to keep the feet fresh, cool and dry.

Earth Mens Boots Styles
Earth Mens Boots Styles

Earth Boots

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, the rain clouds roll in, and the leaves start to fall, a pair of leather or suede ankle boots are the natural choice.

Earth boots are constructed from lightweight materials, with luxurious suede and full grain leather for the uppers. The highly comfortable shoes offer moisture wicking linings to keep the feet dry and comfortable, and outsole grooves make for a natural walking gait for the ultimate in comfort. 

Buy Earth Shoes for Men Online

Getting the best price for Earth shoes need not be a drag. Take a look at the links below for the best deals to buy Earth shoes online.


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