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Easy A-list glamour with Mally beauty products

Updated on April 9, 2016

Mally beauty products

If you're looking for a couple of easily portable products that impart quick star quality to you, it's Mally to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Though there are many BB creams on the market. Face Defender BB has several points of difference:

  • It has broad spectrum SPF 15
  • It has more opaque coverage than most BB creams, enabling coverage of blemishes
  • Included with each BB cream is a full sized, professional flat-head brush for application
  • The cream comes in several shades, suitable for all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds

The oil-free cosmetic is highly pigmented and rich in consistency. Yet, with the soft brush hairs, it blends seamlessly into skin for a flawless complexion. The formula includes anti-aging ingredients.

When pressed for time -- and perhaps, even space -- you can do a whole eye makeup with a single pencil. Not only can you use a pencil as a liner, but you can quickly stipple and blend color into the crease of your eye for contour or even blend color as a faint shadow.

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner comes in over two dozen shades! That allows the line to go much further than the expected, neutral colors. If you check out the latest fashion magazines, you'll see your favorite stars' eyes made up with special effects, such as "tightlining", water lining, inner eye highlighting and double color eye lining.

  • Gunmetal is a pearlized gray with distinct indigo undertones. This color is perfect for blue or gray eyes. Pair it with purple or periwinkle shadows.
  • Caribbean Sea is a pearlized deep bottle green/"China green". It's definitely a standout with natural, pale green or gray eyes. Also, it will hold its own with those who wear intensely colored contacts. Pair it with light nude tone shadows or pale metallic shadow.
  • Ice Blue is a pearlized silver-blue that's right on-trend, used on the inner corners of the eyes and under lower lashes. As it's used as an accent, rather than color on its own, feel free to pair it with any shadow.

Mally Roncal, the person

Mally Roncal has worked as makeup artist for some of the most iconic faces out there, including Beyoncé, J-Lo, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, Angelina Jolie, and Heidi Klum. Her work can be seen live on stage, in print and on television.

In the process of making up celebrities, Roncal found that the cosmetics then currently on the market were not up to snuff for her needs. People on stage -- active under hot lights -- need the glamorous faces to last and not run. There were other needs, too. She found herself creating he own mascara from such exotic ingredients encountered on her global travels to Japan, Italy and France.


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