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Easy Steps to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Updated on May 19, 2011

Your skin is your largest organ and, as far as your looks are concerned, most important to take care of. The foundation of natural beauty starts with healthy skin. Keep it soft and glowing and you are sure to attract attention and shave years off your looks. It is fairly simple to take care of your skin; use the following tips and you will soon see your inner radiance shining through.

Get Enough Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again. It’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason! The body needs adequate rest to repair itself. Not only will getting enough shut eye benefit your skin, but your overall health will improve. Start making an effort to get eight hours of sleep every night and you will see your healthy skin start to emerge and blemishes such as under eye circles start to improve. Getting the right amount of sleep is not as hard as it seems, especially when you realize that you are probably spending time in the evenings in front of the computer or television when you could be sleeping. Shut off your electronics an hour or two earlier than usual and hit the sack—they will still be there tomorrow.

Drink Plenty of Water

This tip is very similar to getting adequate rest, as following this step will improve your health as well. Drinking water helps flush out your body’s toxins and gives you more energy and immunity. The best way to drink more water is to try and have it on you all the time. Purchase a thermos and fill it up each morning to sip on throughout the day.

Wash Right

Keeping your face clean is essential to get a clear, glowing complexion, and it’s important to wash your face effectively to rid it of dirt and oil. Use a cleanser that is not drying or too heavy, and rub it into a clean soft washcloth. Work the washcloth over your face in circular motions, moving in an upward direction. Be careful not to pull your skin downward as this will cause sagging and wrinkles in the future. Rinse well with a clean washcloth or your hands, and pat dry—again to avoid wrinkles. Follow up with a moisturizer containing sunscreen. As for the rest of your body, pick a moisturizing body cleanser and use a loofah in the shower, again lathering up in circular motion to slough off dead skin cells.

Resist the Urge to Pop

You’ve heard it before: never, ever, pop pimples. Not only will the pimple become infected and leave a scar, you are also spreading dirt bacteria over your face whenever you pop a zit. If you feel a blemish coming on try to dry it out with a zit-zapping cream (toothpaste also works). If you absolutely must pop, keep the area as clean as you can and use a sterile needle, or cover your fingers with a clean washcloth.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Once or twice a week, take a pumice stone or other hard lofah to your problem areas of your skin, such as your heels and elbows. Use an exfoliating scrub all over your body on damp skin. Let it soak into your skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off. When you are finished slather a creamy lotion all over your body. It is best to use lotion daily. Pick out a formula made for dry skin. Concentrate on areas that tend to be dry, and especially use lotions on freshly shaven areas since shaving can irritate the skin.

With a little extra effort on your part, soon people will be begging to know how you got such a beautiful glow. If treated right, your skin can be your biggest and best accessory!


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