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Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Best Manicure Drill

Updated on May 21, 2012

If you’re doing your own extensions at home, you may be wondering how to choose the best manicure drill. These drills make at-home extensions a lot easier to do, but knowing which one to get could make a real difference in the end results you can expect. Getting a low quality drill, could make it harder to get good-looking and professional results. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider before purchasing a manicure drill online.

Frequency of Use

Ask yourself how frequently you plan on using the manicure drill. The best manicure drill will be one that will be suitable for its intended use, and will be sturdy enough for frequent or professional use, if needed. Professionals will need a high quality drill that is very sturdy and durable, and that comes with specialized bits. This may also be the case if you want to use the manicure drill on acrylic or gel extensions. Other manicure drills can be battery operated and come with a few very standard drill bits, but these are often not durable or powerful enough to use on extensions.

Batteries or Mains

This is another important consideration and you’ll have to choose between a manicure drill that plugs into an electrical socket or one that runs on batteries. A battery-operated manicure drill is fine in situations where you only plan on using the drill occasionally, but for frequent use, an electric manicure drill is best. Rechargeable models usually offer around two hours’ of use before they need to be recharged.

Size and Weight

The best manicure drill should be lightweight and small. A drill that is too heavy or too bulky will be difficult to use, and you’ll probably find that the size and weight of a drill can vary a lot depending on the brand.

Vibration and Noise

This is something that very few people consider, but the more a manicure drill vibrates, the harder it will be to do precision drilling with it. You may also find that a manicure drill with higher vibration levels will make more noise. The best manicure drill will run almost silently and have very low vibration levels.


Before you purchase a specific model, check to see which attachments and drill bits come with the drill. You may also find that a specific drill takes specific drill bits, and if so, you should check whether replacements bits are easy enough to find online. If not, consider getting another type of drill. Drill bits wear out occasionally and the sanding bits need to be replaced regularly.

Speed Settings

Last but not least, you’ll have to check the speed settings. The best manicure drill will have a number of speed settings. Using a lower speed setting can make the drill easier to use for beginners as well, so if you’re just starting out, look for a drill with fairly low speed settings in addition to higher ones. Some manicure drills have speed control buttons on the drill itself, and these are usually within easy reach of the thumb. Others use pedals to change speeds, so think about what you’d be most comfortable with.


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