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Styling hair with Head Kandy brush straightener

Updated on February 21, 2016

How is the Head Kandy brush straightener different?

Head Kandy brush straightener is an affordable styling tool created by a hairdresser. The points of difference from other heated hair appliances are immediately apparent. This is a three-in-one tool: it does the work of a ceramic iron straightener/flat iron, a detangling brush and an ionic head massaging tool. Its bristles are covered with big, sturdy ball tips. Its weight is just enough to add heft in gliding through tangles, without being tiring on your arms and wrists. The grip is not merely comfortable; there are ergonomic finger wells to hold on to.

When you plug it in, a lighted digital display shows the temperature. You adjust it with buttons, higher or lower. The display then lets you know it's changing to your setting. While their web site gives suggestions on how hot you should set it according to your hair texture, this is the type of decision you should really ask your hairdresser about. After all, an expert will take into account whether you color, highlight or perm, as well as the type of shampoo and conditioner you currently use.

Head Kandy brush straightener fills a need

We're lucky, as women, that there's Head Kandy and their new straightening brush to rescue us from lengthy styling sessions or not doing anything with our hair! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. After all, it's been decades since wash-and-wear styles were on-trend. Similarly, it's probably been since the days of black and white television that women were willing to sit for hours under bonnet dryers, juice can sized rollers pinned to their scalps. When it comes to styling, we like it quick!

Here's the problem, though. Most flat irons and curling irons easily fry your hair and are too susceptible to singeing your forehead! If you've ever worked to curl or perfectly straighten your bangs, it's almost a given that you've burned the thin areas of skin on your face. Not only is it horribly painful, but also, the resulting scars can take months to heal. Some very unfortunate women are left with permanent marks!

You don't want this happening to you and if you're a mom, you most certainly don't want your loved one to hurt herself.

How do you use the Head Kandy brush straightener?

As for styling, it's not going to make your hair unnaturally limp/flat. It straightens the kinks and curls. The hair seen on the runway this year from designers such as Area, Protagonist, and BCBG, indicates that minimalistic beauty will rule this season. Uncomplicated sheets of tresses fit in with that. If you need more lift, since it's a brush and not a flat iron, you can do some classic "backcombing", like they did in the 60's and 70's! Try turning down the heat if you have to tease your hair. The brush is a paddle type, so you can create a bit of a curve, but not serious curls.

The electrical setting can be adjusted from 110v (North America) to 240 (the rest of the world), making this a great addition to your travel styling routine! Of course, you'll still need a plug adapter of the country where you are.

5 stars for Head Kandy Brush Straightener


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