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Benefits of Homemade Egg Facials

Updated on August 27, 2017
Egg Mask Benefits
Egg Mask Benefits

Do it Yourself Face Mask

Homemade Egg Facial Mask Ingredients

  1. 1 whole egg
  2. Small bowl
  3. Honey, ½ teaspoons
  4. Lemon juice, ½ teaspoon
  5. Mix all into the bowl with a fork

First, wash face with Dove moisturizing soap and warm water, then apply the egg mixture to your face with your fingers. You can drape a towel around your shoulders to prevent your clothes from getting any egg on them. While you're wiping the egg mask onto your face, wipe it on in an upward motion. Avoid getting the egg mask near your eyes. Let the egg mask sit on your face for 15-25 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Finally, apply a collagen moisturizer to the face in an upward motion.

Egg Facial Mask Benefits

Eggs contain protein which is absorbed into the skin as an egg facial mask, and assists with decreasing lines and wrinkles. This mask also makes the skin firm, tightens skin, decreases pores, dries up acne, and is a quick face lift. Our skin is made of protein, this is why an egg facial mask can help reshape and lift your facial appearance. For better results, it's a good idea to apply an egg facial mask on the face once every week. Eggs also contain B vitamins and iron.

Honey is and antioxidant and is absorb into the skin as a cleaning agent, and it assist the skin to decrease bacteria on the skin. Applying honey to the skin helps the skin retain moisture, and gives your skin a glowing complexion. Also honey reduces toxin from the skin due to its antioxidant ingredient.

Lemon juice exfoliates the skin, reduces acne, lightens skin tone, and removes dead skin cells which clean the pores.

Making your own egg facial mask is easy on the pocket, and there are no harsh chemicals.

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